Ongoing support to work on a personalised plan to help you manage your PCOS symptoms without restriction, support your body ahead of pregnancy, learn about pre-diabetes or just support your body for nutrition optimisation.

You'll receive:
Assessment of pre-consultation form, food  diary analysis, 60-minute Initial Consultation, personalised nutrition plan (sent within 5 days of appointment), supplement recommendation, 30-minute follow up appointments to adjust your plan, resources, recipe ideas and ongoing email support.

6- and 10-week ongoing support plan

The Enlivened Package

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feel more confident around understanding nutrition


Support your body for fertility, pregnancy and other milestones


build a positive relationship with food and your body

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Diet optimisation

Whether you need support transitioning to a vegan diet, are training for a race, experiencing digestive discomfort, or just want some advice, I can identify any gaps in your diet, and suggest foods or recipes you might like to try.

My aim is to help you to feel confident and relaxed around food!

Women's health nutrition

Includes pre- and post-natal support to help you to understand your body's changing needs to nourish yourself and your baby;

PCOS management to help manage insulin resistance and external symptoms;

and diet optimisation for the menopause.

Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating is a structured program that helps you to break free from diet-centric eating to honour your body's innate hunger and fullness cues. We are not anti-weight loss, but are anti focusing on weight loss as the primary outcome, and instead focus on health promoting behaviours -for mental and physical health.

Training by the London Centre for Intuitive Eating.

Services include


Follow up calls


Nutrition plan + resources


Initial assessment

How it works

A 60 minute appointment to cover your needs and goals. We will go over any relevant health history, lifestyle and eating habits to build a big-picture view to create a tailored plan for you.

This is your chance to have dedicated time for you, to address concerns and get ready to make a positive change!

Within 5 working days of your Initial Consultation, you will receive a personalised action plan, plus additional resources including worksheets, guides and recipe ideas to assist you.

Plus, access to continued email support between sessions.

Fortnightly 30 minute follow up calls to build upon your plan, step by step. 

Choose between the 6-week plan and 10-week plan.

Option to pay in full or 3 installments.

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The Enlivened 10-week package

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The Enlivened 6-week package

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[1-2-1 sessions were] the best decision I have made. I've always been a bit scared to do yoga but since training with Elle I feel super confident in what to do and how it should feel.  I wish I had started sooner!


Elle's yoga classes have got me through lockdown! I'd recommend her classes to everyone -she is a brilliant teacher; every one of her classes is different and poses a new challenge.


Elle's yoga nidra classes have been so helpful; creating a peaceful space for relaxation and meditation. She has taught classes for the team at Sweaty Betty throughout lockdown, and this has been a wonderful way to share the benefits of yoga together



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What are your qualifications?

What are your qualifications?

I have an AFN-accredited Masters in Nutrition, and have qualified as an Associate Registered Nutritionist (ANutr). The AFN is a voluntary board of nutritionist that holds us to a high ethical standard. I have additional qualifications in fertility, pregnancy and post natal nutrition, and in Intuitive Eating.

Where are sessions held?

Where are sessions held?

Consultations are held digitally. Most of my client opt for video-based calls (e.g. Zoom), but can be run as a phone call if you are not comfortable with video.

Can I work with you if I have an eating disorder?

Can I work with you if I have an eating disoder?

If you have an active eating disorder, you need to work with a specialist dietitian to make sure you are properly supported. I can help with disordered relationships, but do not have the qualifications to keep you safe if you have a clinical diagnosis or very recent history of an eating disorder.

Do you do nutritional testing or DNA analysis?

Do you do nutritional testing or DNA analysis?

If I think you may need a blood test or similar, I can write a note to your GP recommending it for you. I don't offer food intolerance tests or DNA tests as these are generally inaccurate, so the results aren't very helpful.

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