We need to talk about yoga and pseudoscience

I’ve debated writing this post for a long time, not wanting to come across as critical of others in my industry or even just close-minded. However, as time has gone on I’ve become more and more aware of potentially harmful practices going around that seem to be very specific to the yoga industry. I’m not aiming to accuse my fellow teachers of any malpractice; if anything they have been just as misled as anyone I…

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Introducing the Northern Wellness Guide

I’m so excited to share with you my new series, Northern Wellness Guide. Alongside a group of guest bloggers from other cities, I’ll be sharing articles recommending gyms and studios; cafes and restaurants and wellness centres in towns and cities across the north of England. There will also be expert spotlights to help connect you with health professionals and likeminded people.  I’m sure many of you will have experienced frustration in feeling as though all…

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Almond pistachio cookies

I’m really enjoying making cookies at the moment. Over the years, M&S all-butter almond and pistachio biscuits have made a frequent appearance in my parent’s house. I wanted to make a vegan-friendly version that had a proper fudge-y texture to them. It took a couple of attempts, but I’m really happy with how these have turned out. These cookies are quick and easy to make, and only require six ingredients (plus almond milk if required).…

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