Stretching and the nervous system

Today’s post comes from my teacher Carol, who leads the Green Lotus Yoga trainings. She is an absolute wealth of knowledge and explains the link between the stretching  and the nervous system far better than I could. The following is actually a condensed form of Carol’s post; you can find the full thing on her blog here. Even so, this is still a lengthy post, so I’ll keep things brief here. Grab a cuppa and…

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Vote for me! I’ve been shortlisted

Happy Monday! I’m over the moon to be able to say that I have been shortlisted with two different blog award ceremonies. I thought I’d write this post to tell you a little more about each, and how you can vote for me, should you wish. About me: If you’ve been here a while or seen my About pages, you probably know this already, so here’s a brief overview. I’m a recent biology graduate (marine…

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Lemon and Coconut Oat Bars

Question: when does a flapjack become a granola bar? It is something that I found myself pondering over whilst trying to decide what to call these bars, that probably fall somewhere between the two. I’m very fond of making these sort of bars for pack ups and snacks on the go. They’re reasonably robust and don’t mind being knocked about in bags. The ingredients list is nice and short, and doesn’t require baking, making these…

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