I'm Elle, thanks for joining me 

yoga teacher, Master's in Nutrition student and author of Enlivening Elle.

Like many teenage girls, I fell out of love with exercise during secondary school. I wanted to move my body, but felt as though there wasn't a sport for me after I stopped gymnastics. Then, along came yoga. As much as I enjoyed training at the gym, and joining fun classes, something about yoga really worked for me. The balance of a practice that encouraged you to breathe, and be soft, yet had me shaking and working harder than anything else I had done hooked me in, and I qualified as a 200 hours Vinyasa Yoga teacher whilst at university. Having an understanding in the role of strength and resistance training has shaped how I teach, building classes that both feel good and help the body to move in a healthy way. I later qualified as a Mandala yoga teacher to bring a more creative element of sequencing into my teaching.

Following my interest in food systems and the environment, I completed an undergraduate degree Marine Biology, with a placement year working in a research laboratory in Germany. My dissertation evaluated the labelling of sustainable seafood, which really cemented my interest in the crossover between nutrition and sustainability. 

I then started my current degree, a Master's in Nutrition, which I'll finish in autumn 2020. I've focused my studies on women's health including pre- and postnatal nutrition, and nutrition through the menopause, and metabolic syndromes. I'm particularly interested in the non-diet approach, and focusing more on behaviours rather than weight as a marker of health.

"Health is not just about what you are eating. It's also about what you're thinking and saying."