About the Blog

Enlivening Elle is a space offering you the tools to enliven, and fully charge up your life. Much of the ethos behind this space arose from a frustration in the fact that many of the most popular wellness website were publishing factually incorrect articles. When it comes to health, making claims without proper qualifications and references is dangerous. Enlivening Elle takes the tone and content of these sites without telling you to detox, cleanse or alkalise your body. I’m a qualified yoga teacher with a keen interest in nutrition and bring in experts so that they can share their knowledge directly with you. Vegan or vegetarian? You might find my post on plant based omega-3 helpful, written with registered nutritionist Sarah Jackson. Think of Enlivening Elle as wellness, minus the BS.

The more you learn about nutrition, fitness and health, the more complicated it can get. And that makes sense, when you think about how complex bodies are! Enlivening Elle works to make these subjects accessible and helpful for you. The yoga section of the blog is brimming with tips, sequences and articles on moving safely and effectively. If just reading about yoga isn’t enough, you can find details about classes and workshops here.

I have collaborated with brands including Coconut Merchant, Argos, Natvia , Method and Whittards of Chelsea. I am also an ambassador for the Health Bloggers’ Community.
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