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Welcome to Enlivening Elle, a platform for no-nonsense health and wellbeing. I’m Elle, a nutrition MSc student and yoga teacher. Fusing together my backgrounds, Enlivening Elle offers a blend of informative articles on nutrition, movement and sustainability. Having seen how too often, women are most likely to be the target of dubious trends, poor information and aesthetics placed higher than health, I wanted to create a platform to provide accessible, clear-cut information. You won’t find diets or food shaming here, but you will find articles on plant based sources of omega 3s, why refined sugar isn’t something to worry about, and lots of tasty recipes.

For me, nutrition, yoga and sustainability share a theme of kindness: kindness to eat without restriction, to move your body in a way that feels good, and to treat the environment as you deserve to treat yourself.

More information on working with me for nutrition services will be coming later in 2020, but you can join me for yoga classes and events in the meantime! Head over to the classes and workshops page to see a list of current offerings.

I have collaborated with brands including Natvia, Misfits Nutrition, Coconut Merchant, Argos and Method. 

Elle x
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