About the Blog

Welcome to Enlivening Elle, a space dedicated to evidence-based, mindful living. I’m Elle, a qualified yoga teacher, recipe developer and content creator. I use my background in biology to make the facts behind health and fitness more accessible, and to cut through the BS in wellness trends. Enlivening Elle brings in qualified industry professionals and experts to bring in credible sources of information, straight to you. The yoga section of the blog is brimming with tips, sequences and articles on moving safely and effectively. If just reading about yoga isn’t enough, you can find details about classes and workshops here.

The Enlivening Elle blueprint is a set of four key pillars that I try to live by to make me feel best, and this translates into the articles you can find on this site:

Be enlivened – live life in a way that brings you joy and makes you feel alive

Movement for life – find balance in mobility, stability and aerobic ability

Eat well – consume foods that nourishes your body and your soul

Respect for the planet – we have two homes: our bodies and the earth. Look after both.

I have collaborated with brands including Coconut Merchant, Argos, Natvia , Method and Whittards of Chelsea. I am also an ambassador for the Health Bloggers’ Community.

Elle x
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