About Me

Hi there and welcome to Enlivening Elle! I’m Elle, a yoga teacher, biology graduate and blogger based in York. To find out more about Enlivening Elle, click here, or read on to hear more about me.

I qualified as a vinyasa yoga teacher in 2017. I trained with Green Lotus yoga, and you can hear more about my experience here. I was taught a style of vinyasa called progressive vinyasa that takes inspiration from the Ashtanga lineage, as well as influences from Iyengar. As a biology grad, I like to get quite about anatomy, so I LOVED this aspect of my course and try the weave this into my classes. I want to make sure that you are moving in the most safe, intelligent and efficient way when you’re in my classes. 

Alongside Amie of Fitness Forster, I am the Yorkshire ambassador for the Health Bloggers Community. We are hugely passionate about living in the north. of England and its growing health and fitness scene. We organise exciting events for bloggers in the region, which you can find more about here. I’m making it my mission to bring more brands, studios and events to northern cities. I have worked with Filmore and Union, and created events in collaboration with Sweaty Betty and Barrecore

Despite a strongly considering a degree in dietetics I followed a lifelong dream to study marine biology. Along the way I realised that my first instinct had been correct and that I really wanted to work in the health and wellness industry. Despite this, I found my course hugely worthwhile as it has really fuelled my understanding and interest in protecting the environment. I wrote my dissertation on whether or not sustainable seafood products are being labelled effectively and correctly, and have written seafood guides here. You’ll find me encouraging others to reduce their plastic, make sustainable food choices and finding ways to reduce their energy use.