In my movement practice, I want to work to feel both comfortable and capable within my own body. Training for functional, healthier bodies rather than aesthetics offers a far more rewarding goal to work towards. My teaching emphasises building active mobility, balanced with strength, as to focus on one over the other can lead to discomfort and injury. I want you to come away from my classes feeling confident in your body, and a little bit like a superhero!

Finding yoga felt a little bit like reconnecting with the 10 year old me, back when I was a gymnast. The freedom in being able to jump, lift and hold my body in whatever movement I wanted it to is something I seek to reconnect with my yoga practice. That feeling of making something that was hard feel effortless is both joyful and empowering. 

Having first trained in Progressive Vinyasa yoga, a teaching style with roots in Ashtanga yoga and strongly focused on alignment, I continued to educate myself on the anatomy of yoga, and learning how to move in an intentional, balanced way. I later undertook further training in Mandala yoga, a spiralling method to teaching a class that brings an additional layer of creativity to my sessions. The circling movements add an extra challenge to classes, as it lead you to move in unexpected ways, engaging you in your practice rather than leaving you on autopilot. 

I teach classes on a monthly theme, with sequencing updated each week to bring focus and progression into my classes. Head over to the classes and events page for a full list of where to find me on the mat. I offer private yoga sessions both standalone, and alongside nutrition consultations. 

Mindful movement. Intentional flow.

Yoga with Elle

"Health is not just about what you are eating. It's also about what you're thinking and saying."

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