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If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen that I spent the first part of September in Iceland, capturing some seriously breathtaking scenery. Most people visiting Iceland seem to fall into two camps, either staying in Reykjavik for a long weekend or week and going on day excursions to popular sights, or hiring a […]


October 7, 2019

Iceland 10 day Itinerary

I’m back on my side of the pond after what felt like a rather whirlwind ten-ish days over in California. We packed in a lot and I left wanting to go backĀ as soon as possible as I’ve left with a long list of things that I still want to do, or to revisit. One of […]

Review, Tips, Travel

October 11, 2018

Healthy San Fransisco travel guide -what to eat, drink + do

I’ve just come back from holiday in Tenerife and the island really took me by surprise. I always forget just how far south the Canary Islands are: despite being an autonomous community of Spain, they are located further south than Marrakesh. Tenerife is the largest island, best characterised by the dominating sight of Mount Teide, […]


June 25, 2018

Active Guide to Tenerife