Leeds Fitness Studio Guide

We’re kick-starting the Northern Wellness Guide series with all the best classes in Leeds to get your heart rate going! Whether you’re visiting the city for a day, or are a local wanting to mix up your classes, you have lots of options to choose from. These classes are all aimed to get you sweaty, so pack a towel and plenty of water, and jump in…

Ryde at L1 Performance

If spinning is your thing, Ryde is the place to get a sweat on. Known for their amazing dance soundtracks and instructors posted choreographed sequences on Instagram, there is always a real buzz around Ryde. Classes can be purchased in singles or blocks and are also valid to use in other classes offered by L1 Performance.


Leeds’ answer to Barry’s Bootcamp is a favourite of so many! The classes are structured around three stations: treadmill, resistance and intensity. You’ll find yourself doing hill sprints and intervals on the treadmills, utilising free weights in resistance and combining bodyweight exercises and medicine balls in intensity. This means you’re jumping between different intensities on your heart rate and muscles for a truly challenging workout. You can also find Trib3 at Sheffield, and cities across Europe.


Love Lagree

For something a little gentler on your joints and heart rate whilst maintaining an intensity, try megaformer Lagree. Megaformer Lagree looks very much like reformer Pilates on the outside, but was set up more recently set up by Sebastian Lagree. The megaformer is larger than a reformer with a few more additions. Almost all movements are performed slowly with virtually no breaks, working towards muscle fatigue. We hosted a Health Bloggers Community at Love Lagree and the facial expressions as the burn set in were absolutely priceless! 

Blaze at David Lloyd

After noticing their clients were also booking into classes at boutique studios, David Lloyd decided to create their own exclusive high intensity class, Blaze. There are studios opening across the country, with Leeds being one of the first. I was able to try out Blaze at the York David Lloyd, which is the largest of the Blaze studios so far. You rotate three times between three different stations, for three minutes on each. Following with the trend of treadmills being the fastest-growing workout, Blaze has treadmill, weights and a boxing station, and tracks your progress via heart rate monitors that you can have customised to your fitness levels. 

Did we miss your favourite Leeds studio? Let us know! Stay tuned for Leeds yoga and pilates guide, and more fitness studio guides for different cities. Northern Wellness Guide posts will be going live midweek, with all other Enlivening Elle posts being published at the start of the week.

Photo credits: L1 Performance and Matt Bowden for David Lloyd.