Vote for me! I’ve been shortlisted

Happy Monday! I’m over the moon to be able to say that I have been shortlisted with two different blog award ceremonies. I thought I’d write this post to tell you a little more about each, and how you can vote for me, should you wish.

About me: If you’ve been here a while or seen my About pages, you probably know this already, so here’s a brief overview. I’m a recent biology graduate (marine biology to be specific) and yoga teacher. I also LOVE all things nutrition and have been accepted onto a Master’s in Nutrition for next year, so watch this space. I take my role as a health blogger very seriously: I avoid writing anything that I do not have sufficient qualification to do so. I love getting geeky about yoga, looking at it from quite an anatomical perspective. I’m slowly starting to write up some posts around this topic, so have a read here.

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Northern Blog Awards

Here I have actually been shortlisted twice: for Health and Fitness Blogger and for Health and Fitness Influencer. The Northern Blog Awards are in their second year and champion bloggers in the north of England. Things often feel rather London-centric, We Blog North, who host the NBAs, are aiming to change that. The awards celebrate bloggers and vloggers on merit without needing large followings to be considered. As a smaller blogger, this is something I hugely value.

To vote for me, follow the instructions on this form and scroll down to the Health and Fitness category. Then, simply select Enlivening Elle!

Health Blog Awards

With so many diverse topics coming under the “health” umbrella, the Health Blog Awards gives a space to celebrate as many of these as possible. From chronic illness bloggers to recipe bloggers there is a category for everyone. I’ve been nominated for Best Yoga, Spirituality and Wellness blog, which I actually won in the first ever HBAs. However, the ante has been upped significantly, with author Jody Shield also being a winner! Both the other nominees this year are also fantastic bloggers who I respect greatly and am honoured to be shortlisted alongside. I like to think I have a unique take on a yoga blog, thanks to my emphasis on the more anatomical and scientific side of things. If Enlivening Elle were to win this would be a great example of yoga and science coming together. 

To vote for me, click the following link and scroll down past all the nominees until you get to a Typeform button near the bottom of the page. Click on the yoga category and vote for me!