The Rise of the Northern Health Scene

As many of your know I am a proud supporter of the health and fitness scene in the north of England. As such, one of my favourite things to do is to support and get involved with these businesses and events. Last month things stepped up a notch with the announcement that an F45 was opening up in Harrogate. For those of you unfamiliar with this franchise, F45 is a high-intensity, functional fitness class taking the world by storm. Started in Australia, these gyms are filled with kettlebells, assault bikes, sledges and free weights, all designed to get you moving in a “functional” way whilst also raising your heart rate.

F45 Harrogate 

F45 Harrogate is the third location outside London to open in the UK, so I was keen to try it out. There are three styles of classes offered: Athletica, Romans resistance and Hollywood. Athletica is a cardio based session designed to get your heart rate soaring. Romans resistance gets you lifting and moving weights for a “full body burn”. Hollywood is effectively a mixture of the two, utilising higher intensity interval training. I booked on to a resistance class and thoroughly enjoyed it. There were nine exercises, split into three pods. Each exercise in the pod was completed twice before moving onto the next exercise, and each pod was completed twice before moving on to the next. Exercises included lunge and overhead press; ring rows with a shoulder-torching twist; banded press ups and sledge pushes. Amie of Fitness Forster and I trained together for this session, and afterwards we definitely felt that we deserved our bench press smoothies afterwards!

York Brunch and Meet Event

I joined forces with Amie again a week later for our HBCxYork brunch event at Filmore and Union.  It was so nice to have so many likeminded people joining us and sharing ideas. As well as a general  chat, we used the brunch to sound out what future events to run (and where!). For more information on upcoming events, make sure you’re following me on Instagram and Twitter, and don’t forget to check the workshops tab.

Danielle, Scarlet and the team at Filmore looked after us really well, and treated us to a really amazing spread. Although originating from York, the San Fransisco-inspired restaurants can now be found in several locations between Nottingham and Newcastle, and are ubiquitous with healthy eating in the region. As well as a filling brunch and colourful lattes, we were treated to juice shots and brownie bites, keeping us fuelled up as we chatted away. 


To round the day off, we were able to offer a pretty fab goodie bag (kudos to Amie for masterminding that!). They were rammed full, featuring Ugly Drinks; Whey Box; Percol Coffee; Coco Pro; Pretty Athletic; Pip and Nut and Oppo ice cream. There’s a chance to win one of these goodie bags, so head over to my Instagram to enter if you missed out on the event! Where would you like to see future events? Send me a message or comment below!