5 Things I Learnt From Earth Hour

Whilst this site is primarily focused on yoga and health-based topics, if you’ve been here a while you’ll know that the environment is pretty important to me too. My dissertation title literally has the word sustainable in it. I’ve also written some posts on related topic, such as the rise in minimal waste and assessing seafood sustainability. I thought today I’d share my experience of Earth Hour. Since 2007, the WWF has invited homes, buildings and landmarks to switch off their lights for Earth  Hour. It’s an annual event to raise awareness of climate change and this year, 170 countries across the world got involved.

Earth Hour

I have previously switched off for Earth Hour, but when I was home alone so I just curled up on the sofa with an ebook. However, this year I was with my parents so we chose as a house to switch everything off and be with each other. Here’s five things that I learnt:

1. We don’t talk to each other enough.

So often in my house, evenings are spent in front of screens, sometimes even in separate rooms. Having an hour in which to properly interact with one another was lovely.

2. We take light for granted.

Not being able to read in the candlelight and feeling my way through the rest of the house was a reminder to how much we are removed from our natural circadian rhythms. That being said, the light of the fire and candles was absolutely lovely, and I didn’t want to turn the main lights on at the end of the hour.

3. Major landmarks and buildings switching off for an hour must make a huge impact…

…on our energy usage, and how the skyline looks at night. Moreover, the fact that they are using energy for all other hours is rather alarming.

4. We need to take things bigger.

Whilst individual action is tremendously important, climate change is a political issue, and we need our governments to step up and take responsibility. Large-scale events like Earth Hour are a great way to drive publicity and encourage policy change.

5. It’s so much more than just an hour.

Earth Hour really is just one small event compared to a year of making more environmentally friendly choices. Having such a big campaign is a great reminder to check in with habits and to check to see if they can be made better. Maybe now is the time to get that reusable water bottle and coffee cup! 

To find out more information click here. Did you take part in Earth Hour this year?