Outside-the-Box Minimal Waste Gift Ideas

I’ve been doing gift guides on Green+Aquamarine since it’s first Christmas, so I thought I’d do something a little different this year. Whilst I always have the environment at the back of my mind, there’s a lot more that I can do to make a difference. I’m trying to be a lot more proactive in avoiding unnecessary waste, especially plastic. I’ll also be revisiting Veganuary in the new year. As part of this, I’ve aimed to write more minimal waste gift lists, both for myself and for buying for others.

minimal waste gift

Zero Waste Starter Kit

The members of Living Consciously Crew really came through in suggesting online one-stop shops for buying zero-waste essentials. My favourite is A Slice of Green, a gorgeous website focused around food-related items. If you want to help a friend kickstart their plastic-free life, purchase them the essentials. Think reusable straws, cutlery and glass or metal lunch boxes. I know the thought of stocking up on a fresh range of kit can be an obstacle for avoiding single-use plastics and coffee cups, so curating a box of essentials for them will help to get them on the more sustainable route. 

Courses They’ll Love

Rather than buying a loved one material things, why not give them an experience that will teach them new things about an area of interest? You can’t get much more of a minimal waste gift than that. From hands-on woodwork and bread making courses, to photography workshops, there’s endless options out there for all price points. Plus, you might get to benefit from their new-found skills! If you share an interest, book a place for you both and enjoy some quality time together as well. Sometimes we can get so focused on buying gifts that we forget the value of just sharing company.

Block of Classes at their Favourite Studios

Lets be honest, spin studios and yoga classes do not come cheaply. If your friend is the active type, treating them to a class pass to their favourite studio will not go unappreciated. You could also introduce them to a new studio that you think they’ll love. I actually didn’t even know that York had a hot yoga studio until I was gifted some classes. Now, I go as often as I can. You can also see if their favourite teacher, instructor or PT offers gift vouchers themselves, ideal for those who don’t go to studios.

Go Local

If you still prefer to present a physical gift come Christmas, go local. Reduced milage will mean it is still a minimal waste gift. My town is really foodie, so presenting a friend with a hamper filled with gin, chocolates and coffee would be my go-to. These items come with minimal packaging and showcase the best bits of my home. It’s a great way to support local businesses too, so does good in more ways than one.

I hope these suggestions helped to spur a little bit of of conscious festive inspiration. For more suggestions on how to rethink your shop, check out my post on how to be a conscious consumer. What are your tips for reducing your Christmas footprint? Remember, no one is perfect so don’t worry if you not all your gifts fit this category.

Photo: Wild Minimalist