Winter Style: from Studio to Street

As much as I loved needing to add nothing more than a pair on sandals and perhaps a light scarf to my yoga outfits when in Spain, Britain in November calls for hardier post-practice layers. I’ve been seen in a rather questionable combination of smart knee high boots and bright leggings recently! I went to Flybery Sport for some winter style inspiration and couldn’t believe how wide a range of brands there were. Flybery works by listing all your favourite products and brands in one place, but still directs you to the online retailer when it comes to actually making a purchase. This allows Flybery to showcase a much wider range of products than if it was sourcing every one itself. 

With such an array of choice, I limited myself to looking at Alo Yoga, Surfdome and Sweaty Betty for inspiration. Alo Yoga and Sweaty Betty both continuously produce best selling items that are both beautiful and high performance. As such, they’re both found topping my wish lists frequently. Surfdome stocks a range of clothes and accessories for an outdoorsy lifestyle. Living between north Yorkshire and North Wales definitely demands clothes that are  practical as well as pretty, and Surfdome nails this. What transitional pieces would you pick?

Studio to Street winter style update

Winter Style: Studio to Street
  1. Moto leggings, Alo Yoga. These leggings have to be the ultimate it-item, and they sell out regularly. I love their plain fabric, textured detail and ease of wearing them in place of jeans or trousers. And, for a top that allows you to breathe whilst still adding some coverage, Try the Wanderer long sleeve top in navy.
  2. Timberland boots, Surfdome. Trainers getting soggy in the rain? Swap in these chunky boots to keep you feet warm and protected from slippery pavements.
  3. Luxe Time Out jacket, Sweaty Betty. The perfect blend of functional and pretty, with a pop of colour in sturdy scuba fabric. Or, check out Surfdome’s range of gilets -I love Patagonia’s classic black offering. Bonus? The water resistant shell layer is made from recycled materials.
  4. Sweaty Betty Ribbed Beanie. I love winter beanies and bobble hats. This one gets my pick for being both wool blend and the oxblood colour that is seen throughout their winter collection. Surfdome has some pretty cool offerings too.
  5. Sweaty Betty Zero Gravity leggings. These leggings are perfect for hotter classes, being more lightweight than the Motos. Plus, this season’s Japanese print is beyond pretty.
  6. Sweaty Betty Luxe gym bag. Despite being an already SB-heavy post, I couldn’t not include the Luxe gym bag. I didn’t manage to snap it’s blue incarnation up in the summer sale, so now it is top of my list. Roomy, and with both a trainers pocket and yoga mat straps, this bag is the perfect multi-tasker.

I’m already looking forward to being back home in December where these items would definitely look a bit more pulled together than some of my current winter style layering strategies.

Disclaimer: this winter style post was written as an entry for Flybery Sport’s #BlackFlybery campaign. All thoughts and opinions are my own, and no affiliate links are included.