Industry Insider: Chloe Pickford of CPT Fitness

In a new series looking at the professionals in the health and fitness industry, I am really excited to introduce you to Chloe Pickford, an Oxford-based trainer. She’s operating on a whole other level to me, training for a body building competition in between training clients and working at the amazing Digme Fitness studio (she’s also seriously kicked my butt in a spin/HIIT double session!). Interviewing Chloe was so lovely as her enthusiasm for what she does absolutely radiates out of her. Please note that in this interview, Chloe goes into detail about her diet. This is an example of what she eats as part of her training routine and is not intended to be offered as a suggested diet for anyone else. 

Chloe Pickford Bodybuilder

You’re a PT and body builder. Tell us about your background –have you always ben athletic?

I have always been a sporty girl; I was one of those kids at school into every sport going. I represented the county in athletics and hockey and I horse rode to a decent level as well so I suppose I don’t know what a life without sports and fitness is like! Even when I was travelling in Australia i made sure that I got myself a gym membership! My shape has always been more athletic than most; in year 7 I was the girl with the six pack.

I imagine that your training plan is pretty intense. How do you keep yourself motivated and exercising on the days that you just aren’t feeling it?

In all honesty, I barely lose motivation -I have a goal and everyday I’m working towards it. This is why I love competing so much because there is a constant purpose to your training and even when you are in a off season there are always targets and goals to be met; you are constantly working on the end package. If I am in that [unmotivated] mood ever I will just down a pre workout, look at some motivating people on Instagram or just tell myself to get a grip -haha!

We all know the importance of nutrition. What does a typical day’s eating look like for you, and how does that differ to when you’re not on prep?

So in my off season obviously food intake is higher when compared to my comp prep with the aim to grow muscles! Through prep this year my calories are dropped weekly: I began on 1901 kcals on training days and 1675 kcals on rest days. The calories are reduced by simply taking certain foods out or reducing the amounts consumed, along with my training and implemented cardio my output is more than my intake -so I’m in a calorie deficit.

Training day diet at 1901 calories

MEAL ONE : 3 eggs, 2 rice cakes, 15g nut butter 

MEAL TWO: 200g Total 0% fat greek yoghurt, 0.5 scoop whey protein, 20g 75% dark chocolate, 20g honey, 15g nut butter 

MEAL THREE/PRE WO: 1 scoop of whey, 60g oats, 20g jam

MEAL FOUR/ POST WO: 100g lean meat, 50g rice, 50g veg, 50g coco pops (almond milk)

MEAL FIVE: 100g lean meat, 200g potato, 100g veg, 20g 75% dark chocolate


Rest day diet at 1675 calories

MEAL ONE: 1 scoop of whey, 50g oats, 5g coconut oil

MEAL TWO: 100g lean meat, i tortilla wrap, 100g veg, 15g cashews

MEAL THREE: Smoothie – 1 scoop of whey , 100g berries, 5 g oil, 15g nut butter

MEAL FOUR: 100g lean meat, 30g rice, 10g oil, 50-100g veg

MEAL FIVE: 250g greek 0% fat yoghurt, 30g honey, 20g 75% dark chocolate, 20g nut butter

Chloe Pickford Bodybuilder Chloe Pickford Bodybuilder

What is the first thing that you do after waking up?

First thing I do after waking up is take all of my supplements and get a double espresso down me -I am totally addicted to coffee!

You work for Digme Fitness Oxford, one of the few boutique studios outside of London. What is it like working in one of these studios and do you think they’ve changed the fitness scene?

Digme Fitness is a very niche boutique studio the concept is ridiculously cool. Without a doubt they’ve brought a new scene and dimension to the fitness scene in Oxford. I believe there is no other place that comes close to Digme within this area, both the Ride and HIIT are delivered like no other! It is great working for such a unique and driven company; every single member of the team has passion and being surrounded by those people day in day out is nothing but positive. Plus, it seems to rub off on all of our customers too as we really are one big family at Digme!

What’s on your workout playlist right now?

My workout playlist has an array of house, dance and hip hop! It depends which gym I am at to be honest as one of them especially has great music playing nice and loud so there is no need for head phones.

Is there one thing that you wish clients knew before approaching you, or one thing that you wish they’d do differently?

Not really as everything they didn’t know before or are unsure about I change and educate them! They are coming to me for a reason and I do everything in my power to give them a better outlook on health and fitness. 

Finally, what makes you happiest?

Okay, I am going to give you two answers to this question.. I am 100% my happiest when I see my clients progress and when they mention to me the impact that I am having on their lives! I am also a happy girl when I am in the gym and working out- as cliche as that may seem it really is my happy place- MY CHURCH