Symprove Probiotic Full Course Review

A few weeks ago, I shared my thoughts on Symprove at around the half way point of my 12 week probiotic course. Now that I’ve finished, I thought I’d share how I found the whole experience. Please bear in mind that this is an anecdotal review, but links to studies can be found on their site and on my first review

Symprove probiotic review

A quick recap:

Symprove is a liquid-based probiotic that in an independent trial of six different probiotics, was the only one to be fully alive at the time of consumption, survive the stomach acid and thrive and multiply successfully whilst in the intestines. Per 50ml of product (a dose is 75ml) 10 billion live bacteria colonies are present, which is impressively high. 

Having had a whole three months to monitor any changes in my body, I’ve been able to get a better overview than I did six weeks ago. Whilst I’m lucky enough to have a healthy body and digestive system that didn’t really have anything to be improve upon per-say, my skin has definitely cleared up. I should mention that just before starting Symprove, I moved back to the uk, so there’s a potential for an environmental and dietary influence there, but having already done a bit of to-and-frowing this year, I think that the Symprove has definitely had an improvement. 

Symprove probiotic review

Moreover, I have come to Spain and haven’t had to have any adjustments in eating different food and water with a different trace mineral content to what I’m used to -does anyone else sometimes feel ever so slightly off for the first day or so of travelling normally?

Whilst I can’t speak for anyone with a gut imbalance, the Symprove has shared evidence on the effect of their probiotic on patients with IBS, IBD and DD (diverticular disease), all of which showed a statistically significant reduction in symptoms. So I can well imagine that if I had had any digestive issues, Symprove’s probiotics would have helped reduce these. As someone without any obvious imbalances, I’m hoping that the clearer skin is an indication of a healthier gut. 

Symprove probiotic review

After 12 weeks, I found I enjoyed having a morning probiotic shot as part of my diet. I would definitely consider it either as a health “top up” to be taken periodically, or as a supplement to take after illness or stress.

Disclaimer: I was given a 12 week course of Symprove probiotics in return for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.