Things I Loved | June

And hello July! It’s really hard to resist the temptation of starting every one of the Things I Loved posts with “I can’t believe it’s X month already!” But seriously. At the end of the month I’ll be heading out of the country again to take my yoga teacher training and I have to pinch myself because I really can’t believe it’s happening. But in the meantime, it has been nice to reflect over June. I’ve got to spend quality time with my boyfriend and family, got a new summer job, had a lovely few days in Oxford, been to handstand workshops and revisited the Lake District.

Fusion Fitness

Since Digme opened in Oxford around a year ago, I’ve been really keen to try it out. Digme is a boutique fitness studio, one of the few to be found outside of London. It’s part spin studio, part Barry’s Bootcamp, with a HIIT studio filled with kettle bells, boxes and curved treadmills. Whilst I was initially looking at trying their HIIT-based Three workout, the only session that both Naomi and I could do was an early morning fusion class, which utilises both studio rooms. I was so glad I did though, because what a workout! Chloe, our trainer, had us working way harder on spin than would have been possible for a full-length session (luckily the racing avatars of ourselves being projected made for great motivation) and still let me try the Three workout style. For the HIIT or circuit section, we were alternating between treadmill sprints and sidesteps, kettle bell work and plyometrics, which are a sure fire way to finish me off. Breaking up the training into two styles had me working much harder than otherwise, and helped me to stay really focused on what I was doing. Extra kudos for Digme’s slick changing rooms, with private Cowshed-filled showers and Dyson hair drying products. 

Hay Max 

A somewhat less glamorous addition to my favourites list, the Hay Max allergy balm has honestly been a lifesaver. Despite living in the countryside my whole life, in the last year or so I have suddenly developed hay fever. Even with tablets and nose spray, I’ve spent the last few weeks feeling really uncomfortable. Enter Hay Max. Whilst it is pricey for it’s tiny size, a little of this balm goes a really long way. It works by catching pollen and other particle allergens to it’s surface before you’ve even breathed them in, stopped the histamine reaction from triggering. It needs reapplication fairly often, but has made me feel like myself again. 

Cowshed’s Cow Pit deodorant

The Digme team left some Cowshed products in a few of the lockers on the day I trained there, including mine, which was so sweet. I’m a fan of Cowshed, with their tongue-in-cheek names, gorgeous fragrances and natural ingredients, but I hadn’t heard of their deodorant before. It smells really light and clean, thanks to the antimicrobial spearmint, peppermint and lemongrass essential oils used, with soothing aloe vera keeping the product gentle. The mini bottle fits perfectly into my make up bag for any on-the-go freshening up or post gym ablutions. 

Hanging Plants

I picked this hanging ceramic plant pot last week, and think it’s so sweet! Having a little greenery always makes rooms feel more inviting, so this will be coming to university with me in the autumn. I could have quite happily bought all of the selection offered in the little crafts and gift shop that I bought it in and started a bit of a collection, but for now, one floating plant friend is enough.