Symprove Probiotics Half-Way Review

It almost goes without saying that probiotics are a hot topic in the health world right now, with sales in both over the counter products, and fermented food products soaring. I’ve never been on a proper prebiotic course before, but have always been curious, so when Symprove got in contact, I was really excited to give them a go. Their website goes into huge depth, with a separate bioscience website for health care professionals, scientists and journalists to access, which was very reassuring. 

In terms of my health, I have always assumed that my own gut microbiome is doing pretty well; I’ve only had antibiotics once or twice, eat a range of different foods and have plenty of fibre, spent a childhood playing and swimming outside, never been hospitalised or faced any real health condition. Because of this, I couldn’t really say at the half way point if I have experienced any changes as a result of taking Symprove -I’m maybe a little less bloated, and I haven’t been unwell whilst taking the probiotics. So I thought I’d use my halfway review to chat to you about Symprove, and hopefully be able to give a more personalised review at the end of the 12 week course that I’m on.

The first cool thing is that Symprove comes in liquid form. Unlike dried, encapsulated probiotics, this means that the four strains of bacteria in Symprove are already activated and alive. The water-based medium is supposedly a food source for the bacteria as well, meaning that you get a probiotic and prebiotic rolled into one product. It’s this design that allows Symprove to pass it’s three target hurdles (something you’ll notice a lot on their website and packaging): arrive, survive and thrive. All the bacteria are alive and active at the time of consumption, and then they are able to pass through the stomach without triggering digestion, thus surviving, before arriving in the intestines and quickly multiplying before they are passed through the body. This was proven to be done better than any competitors in an independent study from UCL, part of which can be viewed here.

Symprove’s liquid is made from barley, with the seeds being germinated and then “mashed” in hot water to extract sugars, amino acids and enzymes, before being pasteurised and four strains of bacteria added. Per 50ml of product, there should be an impressive 10 billion “live activated colony units” of bacteria. From what I can remember from other companies that I’ve looked at, this is pretty high, with 4 billion being more typical. So that the product is celiac friendly, gluten is removed during the steps of germination, fermentation and filtration. 

I’ve been taking the mango and passionfruit flavour, which tastes like a fruit squash -quite pleasant, especially as I’ve been taking a less tasty flaxseed based omega-3 oil beforehand. There’s also the original, unflavoured version available, which supposedly has a malty flavour. I was a little nervous about the taste, but having a flavoured version removes that issue and in either case, the daily dose can be drunk in about two mouthfuls. There’s also an app available to download, which allows you to set reminders for taking the supplement and mark any days which you forget. It also offers a small amount of information about Symprove and gives the option for purchasing different bundles of the probiotic. 

Whilst I am fortunate enough to have the gut health that means I haven’t yet seen obvious results, I’ve been really impressed by the detail on Symprove’s website. The research and case studies are very reassuring and I’ve been really impressed by the quality of the product. Liquid probiotics and other refrigerated supplements are definitely on the rise so look out for similar product. Symprove is definitely ahead of the curve with it’s probiotics, especially with the company’s emphasis on scientific rigour. I’ll be posting another update at the end of the course so stay tuned to see how I’ve found the final six weeks!

Disclaimer: I was given a 12 week course of Symprove probiotics in return for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.