Summer Instagram Meal Ideas

Ah Instagram. That addictive, pretty social media vortex that entraps even the best of us. Despite an RSPH study ranking Instagram as the worst social media site for young people’s mental health, there’s no denying that the platform provides a myriad of inspiration. Although I rarely hit Instagram looking for recipe inspiration (I leave that to Pinterest and Google), I’ve been saving more and more posts that have inspired me. As such, I thought I’d pull out some of my favourites to encourage you to get creative in the kitchen. 


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Pixie Turner – Vegetable tart with a cream cheese and pesto base. As well as sounding seriously delicious, this dish looks stunning -just look at those vegetable ribbons!


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Healthy Eating Jo -this vegan shepherd’s pie sounds like the perfect comfort food for refuelling after a Sunday walk or for when the British weather decides to be unseasonable and cold. Recipe available on original post


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Alice Liveing -If you eat fish, you’ll love this seriously pimped-up omelette. With dill and lamb’s lettuce, it will be a little lighter than a traditional cheese-laden omelette but certainly doesn’t shy away from fats.


Lorna, Eat myyy Thoughts – I love little pops of fruit in salad; and, if you include avocado (technically a berry) then theres three here! Full recipe here.

HBFIT – Another eggs-based affair, I love how this dish uses shredded red cabbage. I always forget that I actually like raw cabbage and there are so many different textures and flavours happening in this dish that it would be delicious any time of the day.