Things I Loved: May

The year is absolutely flying by and whilst I feel as though I haven’t had a chance to sit down with a cuppa yet, I have been back in the UK for nearly a month, have started a new summer job and have had more cuddles with Toby the dog than I could care to count. With that in mind, I’m reflecting on everything that I have appreciated over the last month.

Far Flung Friends

It’s a little bit of a mushy topic to start with, but living abroad has really made me appreciate my relationships with the people that I care about. My work friends in Germany gave me the best send off, with veggie burgers, ice cream and cocktails. They all made me feel truly welcome in the diverse working group and it’s the days and nights out with them that will stay as my fondest memories of Germany. I think we are so lucky to live in a period of time where international relationships are possible and normal, and I really hope that this doesn’t get lost over the next months and years. Equally, it has been amazing to reconnect with old and new friends in the UK, and to have met with five friends in a four day stay at Stuart’s in Oxford really is amazing. 

Buying Gifts

It feels like everyone’s birthday is in June and July. I’m slowly ticking my way through the list of presents to be bought and it’s something I greatly enjoy. Big or small, pricey or free, doing something to show that you appreciate someone is a lovely feeling. There’s the satisfaction of creating a gift box; the sneaky smugness of spotting the perfect item in advance and squirrelling it away. And the odd small treat for myself along the way never hurts…

Form Nutrition Powder

Launched a couple of months ago, I first heard about Form Nutrition through Shona Vertue. Finding a vegan protein powder that tastes good and has good quality ingredients is harder than you’d think, but Form has been added to my select list of brands that do. They have two types: a performance powder with a higher serve of protein per portion, or the superfood blend, which packs in more ingredients to boost it’s nutritional content. I went for the chocolate salted caramel flavour and it is DAMN. GOOD. 

Food Festivals

I’m working more food festivals than ever this year and I love it. There’s a lovely sense of community between stall holders usually, showcasing of amazing artisan products and the pleasure of connecting with customers who get excited about your products. I’ll be at York this Sunday if anyone wants to say hi!

British Produce

There are some things that I only buy in season, and asparagus is one of them. The flavour of a locally grown spear is incomparable and a real celebration of our agriculture. It’s really hard to beat fresh berries when they come into season and they form the basis of lots of fresh, flavoursome breakfasts. It’s really hard to only stick to British foods, but celebrating a selection of our summer specialities, especially from local growers, really does make me appreciate what’s on my plate.