Facing FOMO as a Blogger

Look to Instagram on any given day and it feels like there’s an event of some form on every day, from big activewear brands launching collections in full-day events paired with studios and food brands to smaller workshops and pop ups dotted across the country, although largely London centric. As a blogger I feel even more sensitive to these, as it’s so easy to see every unattended event as a missed opportunity. Sometimes it’s because an invite doesn’t make it my way -there’s so many bloggers to choose from; other times because  I can’t make it, especially when I was in Germany or when invites were fairly last-minute.


Naturally, no one can make it to every event , but when lots of familiar faces turn up it one spot and get networking, it can definitely push the buttons on stress or anxiety. Despite the fact that blogging is all about creating online content, it is the face-to-face interactions and activities that produce content to write about and to show off your skills as a self-made business person, influencer or professional. I can’t help but view every missed event as a missed chance to grow my brand and improve my prospects for future blog and career opportunities. 

My last big event was the Health Blogger’s summit. It was an absolute blast but I definitely worried that arriving just minutes before the first talk and not having my new business cards seriously reduced my opportunities to connect with new bloggers and brands. That being said, I did get to spend my time having catch ups and first in-person chats with bloggers that I did already know, which was absolutely lovely. In the meantime, I’m trying to keep an eye out on Manchester events, which is slightly faster and significantly cheaper to travel to. 

Whilst blogger FOMO has my sinking into a melodramatic funk and avoiding Instagram stories for fear of the comparison track, it is definitely a positive motivator. Making the effort and commitment to travel to London is still more assessable than me trying to live there right now, and exploring events closer to me allows me to better appreciate my own region. In January I organised my own first event, and this has given me the confidence to start planning my next. Bloggers are (at least part time) free lancers and self employed writers; we have to make our own opportunity. Seeing successful Instagrammers who are based out of London and other large cities is a great reminder of this, and really spurs me on. A great example is Natalie of A.Balanced.Life who I’ve been following when she had just a few hundred followers and now has over 30k, and it’s only recently that I realised she is based somewhere in the north west of England.

I think my current case of FOMO has been the comparison trap in disguise, and so it is something I am definitely working on to reduce if not eliminate. I’d love to hear if you’ve experienced similar feelings, and if so how you’ve dealt with them.