Things I Loved | April

April marks the last month in which I’ll have lived in Germany for, as I’m leaving very shortly. I have been completely blown away by how fast the time has gone. Whilst I’m looking forward to planting my feet more firmly back on British ground, I can’t quite believe that I have been here for the best part of nine months. Madness. I flew home for Easter, giving me a few days to recharge and get to some exciting events. 

Photo: Anastaija JE

Health Bloggers Community Summit

I cannot express how proud I am of Fab, Laura and everyone involved in organising the first ever HBC Summit. I rocked up just in time to nab possibly the last seat for Pixie’s event Nutrition and Nutribollocks, and was blown away by how many people there were there. I’ve been to earlier HBC meet ups with just a handful of bloggers, to the Health Blog Awards with an impressive crowd, but really wasn’t expecting to see hundreds of likeminded people in one space. It was inspiring and a little overwhelming to be surrounded by so many bloggers and health and fitness professionals. If you saw the line up, you’ll know how impressive it was, with many of my top inspirations headlining. After their editorial careers panel, I spoke with Rhiannon Lambert, aka Rhitrition, and Amy Hopkinson, the digital editor of Women’s Health. They were both lovely and offered lots of advice and really reflected the supportive nature of the UK health and wellness industry.

The day was so packed that I didn’t get a chance to attend a Fitsii workout, workshop or even see all brands; between the talks and networking with both new and familiar bloggers, the day flew by. My new business cards arrived late so I instead made it my policy for the day to ask everyone that I spoke to for their details and followed them all directly if I wasn’t already. It was lovely to put faces to names of the likes of @KatharineFlute @BanHass @FlexWithBex @SailingThroughFitness @AudreyFitwell @train_strong_to_live_strong @MyLifeIsForLiving and so many others.

Get Your Sh*t Together, Sarah Knight

From the author of The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck comes a book on getting rid of barriers that are stopping you from doing the projects that you actually want to do. I’ve been working my way through in small sections at times when I can properly absorb the book (i.e. not right before bed) so still haven’t quite finished it, but so far I’ve really been enjoying it. 

Mavis the Airstream 

If you’ve ever looked on my Pinterest page, or been around me when a VW camper has driven past, you’ll know that I have a thing for tiny homes. I’ve just discovered Mavis the Airstream, a website about a couple touring in their renovated airstream caravan. Their website is full of tips on buying and renovating airstreams, sneak peak into their journeys and a section of hacks for making small-space living more efficient and comfortable. My favourite post has to be the before and after of their kitchen. The whole caravan is simply gorgeous, and I never fail to be impressed at the clever storage solution that people living the van life come up with. If, like me, you’ve landed on the Mavis the Airstream homepage and fell in love, may I also point you in the direction of yoga teacher and fellow marine biology student Hannah Stowe of Slightly Salty, who lives in her van pretty much full time with her adorable spaniel Rosie. 


If you asked me what my favourite season is, I’d demur and say that I love them all. However, there’s nothing like that first warm breeze and flush of new green foliage to make you realise how much you’ve been ready for winter to end. I don’t know all that much about seasonal affective disorder (SAD) but the drop in sunlight over the winter months can cause a drop in serotonin and alter the balance of melanin in your body, leading to low mood or even SAD itself.