Body Positive Instagram Accounts to Follow

I’ve been listening to a lot of reports about social media bubbles and how it can really influence our perceptions of the world -remember how surprising the Brexit result and Trump’s election were? Similarly, having an Instagram feed full of ripped fitness models, beach yoga and ultra “clean” foods will likely make you feel a little rubbish if you’re not living one of these elusive, exclusive lifestyles. In light of this, I thought I’d share some of my favourite body positive accounts. Making this post did actually highlight to me that I still need to improve the diversity of my feed. However, if you add these girls to your following list, you’ll be on your way to a more positive social media space.

The Muscle Bound Yogi

Amanda is the mama behind The Muscle Bound Yogi. Sharing her progress from being underweight, overweight, and disordered eating to strong, healthy and positive, Amanda’s account is one of my favourite to scroll through. I’m totally in awe of her amazing muscles and the beautiful asanas that she photographs. 

Om and the City

Jules is the face behind this light-filled, yoga and lifestyle account. Aside from the stunning photography, Jules touches on self care and mindfulness in her blog and recently worked with Aerie, the photoshop free intimates brand by American Eagle Outfitters. 

Eleonora Zampatti

Former dancer Eleonora Zampatti is a survivor of domestic abuse and draws upon her experiences and encourages students to be vulnerable, accept their weakness and heal. She has created a non-profit, Ode to the Moon, that uses yoga and art to bring awareness of domestic violence. Her striking Instagram posts offer poetic insights into her healing process.

The Pilates PT

Hollie Grant is a Pilates instructor and PT, best known for fusing Pilates and HIIT in her signature Model Method classes. On her Instagram account, Hollie demonstrates how to safely move through postures, as well as sharing lots of quotations and images that call out the BS in the fitness industry. She’s all about form over fancy photos and advocating for gentler exercise when needed.

Yin and Gin

As an ambassador to the #GirlGains movement, Hannah has a really healthy outlook to fitness and does balance with a tongue in cheek attitude. As a porridge and breakfast lover (not to mention gin being in her Insta handle!) Hannah is a girl after my own heart. I love her attitude and outlook -Hannah is so down to earth whilst achieving some serious strength goals.