Berlin… again

It is odd to think that it was nearly half a year ago that I was last in Berlin, so revisiting the city with one of my oldest friends last weekend was something I had been seriously looking forward to. I was keen to revisit some of the places I discovered last time around, show Miriam my favourite sights and discover some new ones too. 

BeCycle Pt.2

After experiencing the energy of BeCycle back in October, I was keen to introduce fellow spin-enthusiast Miriam to the studio. We hit the Friday evening spin class to start the weekend full of endorphins, and then came back again for a Saturday morning barre class to torch our muscles with isometric work, followed by stretching and a breakfast smoothie. I love how BeCycle’s bikes display the RPM to get you really pushing to hit that top speed -although my god, I’m terrible at sprints. I seemed to do much better at the standing work, although I’m not sure if that indicates one muscle group in my legs is stronger than the other or if I am simply better at applying my energy in different ways.

I really enjoyed the change in pace of the barre class the next day. The class was probably a little less challenging than the one I experienced at BarreCore, but still had me working hard throughout my whole body. 

The Bowl and Veganz

Last time I was in Berlin, the famous Bowl Berlin evaded me but last weekend more than made up for it as we visited twice. I was really impressed with the evening menu and could have eaten everything but went for the California bowl because, hello avocado and sweet potato fries. Miriam’s Asian bowl filled with tofu and tempeh just looked amazing. We shared a white chocolate pot for dessert, made with coconut oil so that it set into a delicious solid dessert. 

I have to admit, I wasn’t blown away by breakfast the next day -the menu changes frequently so we could have just been unlucky. However, nearly €10 for a mixed-grain bowl of porridge that had me asking for extra milk on the side to thin it out wasn’t quite what I was expecting. That being said, the drinks were really lovely, and the cacao drink sounded so good that I had it instead of my preferred turmeric latte. They also have a range of tasty sounding smoothies to try, and a selection of homemade lemonades, kombucha mocktails and alcoholic drinks to keep you refreshed at all times of the day.

Downstairs from The Bowl is a vegan supermarket and cafe, Veganz. You can find Veganz products in organic supermarkets throughout Germany, as well as the supermarket itself in several cities. I was pleased to see some UK brands had made it over to Veganz, including Rebel Mylk and Booja Booja, as well as many new brands to me. The supermarket also has a bulk-buy section, so that you can purchase dried staples without the plastic packaging. Feeling that it was snack time, Miriam and I shared a box of peanut butter and caramel ice cream bites, which were heavenly. Oh, man. Who knew that oat milk could be turned into something so decadent? 

As shops legally have to be shut on Sundays, we did find filling our last morning a little challenging after leaving Bowl. However, this led us to find The Barn Roaster’s cafe, a coffee shop attached to Berlin’s famous coffee roastery. I don’t often have coffee that often and find that it can be really hit or miss to get a good one, but The Barn really knows their stuff. The barista chatted to me about their espresso blends and the one that they were using that day as he made me my cortado coffee. It paired perfectly with a slice of hazelnut cake and was the perfect way to finish off the weekend