Things I Loved | January

As February rolls in, it’s time for me to look back on the first month of 2017 and take a moment to appreciate the little things that made my January shine. It was a busy and emotional month; I turned 21, which I celebrated with family and friends, but then soon after I had to say goodbye as my peers returned to university and I flew back to Germany. There were definitely mixed emotions; whilst I have a fair few exciting weekends planned on the continent, leaving home is always hard. As per usual, I’ve included both material and abstract favourites in this post, as it is often experiences rather than “things” that leave an impact upon us. That being said, a little treat here and there is always appreciated!

Hot Yoga

I was delighted to discover that York now has a hot yoga studio, Yoga Bomb, for which I was gifted a block of classes for my birthday. Lou, the founder, has a relaxed attitude to yoga, calling her studio “yoga for normal people”. It is this approach that attracts both dedicated yoga students and newbies alike to flow in the heat. Previously, hot yoga has been only an occasional treat for me, so I’m very excited for it to become a regular part of my practice when I’m at home.

Strong by Zanna van Djik

I preordered Zanna’s debut book ages ago, and read the training section in one sitting. Whilst I consider myself to be fairly well read around nutritional basics and the fundamentals of weight training, this book packs in so much information. The suggested workouts were really helpful for getting back on track, and I now have a training notebook. In there, I have three staple upper and lower body workouts, which I switch between to create a balanced strength training program. Aside from this, there are sections with tips on organisation; addressing stretching, stress and sleep; and overall wellbeing. In addition, the recipes are really good, catering for a variety of diets. The blondies made with chickpeas and peanut butter are just heavenly, and made the perfect energy bars to take on a long cycle ride. 

Buff Bake White Chocolate PB

Oh my, hello addiction in a jar. This sweet peanut butter spread is almost impossible not to eat several portions of in one go. My friend and I bulk bought about six jars when they were on offer, and mine have been going very fast. I used this to make the blondies mentioned above. There’s a little bit of whey protein in these jars to boost the protein content. I mostly avoid dairy and use vegan protein, so tried to be mindful of this when chowing down spoons straight from the jar! Speaking of peanut butter, I’ve just discovered that one of my local shops stocks Wild Food’s banana peanut butter, which is also really good. 

Recognise this photo? It featured in Sweaty Betty’s newsletter back in January!


Birthdays and meeting up with friends resulted in a few sessions of having brunch. I know it’s the health blogger’s cliche, but it isn’t something that I normal do in a social setting. Luckily, York is stuffed to the brim with places to go for a morning bite, and I spent my time at home making up for lost time sampling a few different places! Mannion and Co., found in York centre and Helmsley village, is a true gem, inspired French and Italian bristol and delis. Source restaurant, who I reviewed here, have just launched a delicious new breakfast range that I can’t wait to try. Back in Germany, my weekend breakfasts often tend towards the later side as I try to start my day with a long yoga session or exercise. It’s a quiet affair, but one I appreciate all the same.