I’m Becoming a Yoga Teacher!

In a sneaky little Instagram post back in December, I let slip a piece of news that I’ve been keeping quiet for a while now… I’m going to become a yoga teacher! Since pretty much my first class, I came out thinking I want to teach. And now, after four years of practicing I’ll actually be working towards doing so. Because of the fact that I am at university, and therefore very flexible in my time for parts of the year, and very much committed to my study during semesters, I decided that an intensive course would be best for me. So, in summer I will be embarking on a month-long 200 hour course with Green Lotus Yoga, which is in it’s tenth year of teacher training. I’ll be focusing on vinyasa style yoga, although I’m hoping to be able to add yin and other styles after I qualify.

When I started yoga, I had a certain amount of latent flexibility, strength and fitness from a childhood spent doing gymnastics and being generally active. However, in my teen years I had very much struggled to maintain any kind of motivation towards fitness and movement as I couldn’t find any sport that I could connect with and was still too young to really look at just going to the gym. Being introduced to yoga when I was 17 changed that, and slowly I built up a commitment to a practice that benefitted my former gymnast’s body by working it in a variety of ways.  I now enjoy a variety of different ways to exercise, from spin classes to weights, but yoga has been my constant through it all, and I only ever want to practice more and more… most of the time anyway!

I’m really looking forward to deepening my practice and knowledge and starting to teach. The month long courses are called intensive for a reason, and so I’m expecting hard work, highs and lows, but an overall incredible experience, and I’m making my way through my reading list to make sure I’m as prepared as I can be. 

Photos taken in Yoga Bomb York.