Things I Loved | December

Perhaps a little belated, but at last, here are all the things that made me smile over December! Now, obviously there is a theme of festivity over the month, as well as a fair few gifts, but I’ll do my best not to completely drag you all back into 2016! As always, I’ll be sharing a mix of tangible items and less materialistic pleasures because the best things in life are not always things.

Family Reunions

I’m definitely a home bird, and always feel the separation from my family and Stuart quite keenly when we’re apart. It was lovely to spend time with family again, especially as my aunt and little cousin came to stay for the week. We’re a small family so it was nice to have a busier household for a bit, even if it did leave my dad outnumbered five to one by women! It is easy to overlook the importance of family time, so there’s nothing like birthdays or holidays to instigate it.

Getting Cosy

As the weather cooled off I came to realise that I was pretty low on jumpers. Luckily, santa came to the rescue and kitted me out with a few different styles. My favourite is a huge green rollneck from Fat Face that is very cosy, but not so big that it doesn’t comfortably fit under coats. I love to pair it with black leggings and ankle boots, making me feel a little bit Danish -after all, layers are very hygeelig! -and toasty warm. Lighter jumpers have made great layering pieces for my yoga classes, as living rooms and studios alike can be just a little cool to be starting off with bare arms. They’ve also made transitioning from yoga or gym to coffee or shopping look effortless. I’ve also seen the addition of fluffy mittens, beautiful moccasin slippers, pyjamas and a new dressing gown, which have all kept me warm and cosy throughout December. 

Training Refresh

Speaking of gyms, I came home in need of a bit of motivation. There doesn’t seem to be any gym classes near me in Germany, and I’ve been surprised at how much that affected my motivation. I’ve been making use of the fitness class at my awesome local gym that uses intelligent, weights and crossfire-inspired circuit classes to really get my heart rate going and muscles working. Alongside this, I’ve written out a few key upper and lower body workouts (inspired by Zanna Van Dijks’s book Strong)  in a new training notebook to keep me on track. I haven’t make huge changes, and have in many ways gone back towards my previous style of training, but have done so consciously and deliberately, tracking my efforts and progress for a more mindful and strategic approach.

Taking Festive Food Beyond Christmas

As far as I am concerned, mince pies are too good to be just eaten up until Boxing Day. The gap between Christmas and New Year -and indeed, into January -are still gloomy so why not make use of the edibles created to alleviate the glumness of wet, cold winters. I keep adding leftover mincemeat and cranberry relish to my porridge, dashes of ginger to my hot drinks and of course, eating lots of the delicious oranges that are currently in season in Spain. For a lighter bit of sweetness after an evening meal, you really can’t beat slices of fresh orange. 

I also received a few bits and pieces for Christmas and my birthday, which I’ll share in another post, so stay tuned!