Lessons from 2016

2016 has been an eventful year for sure. Political shiftings and celebrity deaths has created a darker, less certain atmosphere, but there has been plenty of good. Adidas and Parley for the Ocean launched their shoe made from recycled plastics, and the health industry has moved towards balanced, achievable expectations that encompass mind-body wellness rather than merely physical goals. 


It’s Okay to Take Your Time

One of my greatest reservations of taking on a placement year and moving to Germany was that it would put me a year behind my studies and therefore getting out in the real world. However, I knew that I would unlikely to get this sort of opportunity again, both in terms of experience and university support. Seeing others building careers, or reaching new personal milestones can devalue your own work . Remember though that comparison is the thief of joy and that everyone’s path is their own. It may feel frustrating when your life isn’t going at the pace you’d wish, but the experiences that you’ll gain upon the way will likely be just as valuable to you.

A Well-Rounded Approach is Best

Probably in part thanks to the rise of spin studios and classes like F45, there seems to be much less of a cardio vs weights divide. Cross training, mixing up different styles of exercise, helps to improve fitness in a variety of ways and reduces the chance of results and motivation plateauing. I aim to achieve a good balance of cardiovascular training, strength training and flexibility in my movement and exercise. Switching up your exercise class can avoid injury or imbalance whilst working your body in a variety of ways.

Set Goals For Success

You may have seen across Instagram “goals are dreams with deadlines” or something to that effect, and it certainly rings true. The days where I set to do lists are the days where I’m most productive, and writing down longer-term goals with short- and mid term steps increases their likelihood of becoming true. Take going to the gym for example: simply saying you want to lose weight is vague and can set you up for failure. Setting manageable, specific goals such as working towards a pull up, or being able to run up stairs without getting out of breath should keep you on track. In terms of my blog, I have a book that has monthly blog post titles listed, growth strategies and analytics written down

Self Love is Non-Negotiable

We are often taught to be constantly on the go, with jam packed schedules and high-intensity workouts squeezed in several times per week. However, with reports suggesting that being under stress can undermine all your other healthful pursuits, and increasing research on the benefits of meditation, rest time is essential. I’ve introduced yin yoga to my daily routine and The Little Book of Hygge topped bestseller lists this Christmas. The effect of winding down really boosts your wellbeing, proving valuble to more intensive lifestyles.