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In this new series, I amtimea-profile-photo giving you a sneak peak into the fridges and cupboards of health bloggers and influencers. If a photo tells a thousand stories, a snapshot of a kitchen tells a thousand recipes and snacks! Follow this series to see what really gets eaten by a health blogger -it’s not all kale salads and green juices! This month, I spoke to Timea of the Train Strong to Live Strong blog. She’s a runner, left confessed gym junkie and personal trainer. Time believes in adopting an athlete-like mindset to build resilience, inspire you towards your fitness goals and improving all-round wellbeing. On that note, I’ll hand over to Timea to share with you a peak inside her cupboards, and to explain a little about her mindset and journey.

Having been inspired by the Deliciously Ella books and the Forks Over Knives documentary, I made some big changes to my diet this year. Most importantly, I wanted to eat cleaner, use more raw materials (instead of ready made products which are often full of artificial ingredients and preservatives), and transition to a mainly plant based diet.

I used to think that just because I workout regularly and I am fit, I can get away with eating anything! That was certainly not the case. I also sought some advice from a sports nutritionist at my local gym, as I wanted to make sure that by cutting down on meat and dairy would not jeoparise my fitness goals. Taking his advice, I eat significantly less carbs and try to add protein to every meal by using plant based protein sources whenever I can. As a result of overhauling my diet, I have started to see many positive changes, not only in how I feel in general, but also in my sports performance, and my body composition – I am leaner that ever.

The latest addition to my kitchen cupboard is a bag of vanilla flavoured vegan protein powder mix by PhD Woman. I love the PhD brand for protein products because they use natural ingredients and often do special deals, too. This flavour goes really well with fruit smoothies, but also tastes delicious on its own, as a simple protein shake mixed with some water after a vigorous workout session.

I usually do some meal prepping for the week ahead on Sunday evenings, if I am in the mood. This involves making at least one meal, or chopping up some ingredients which would otherwise be time consuming. I also like to make some snacks such as energy- balls or hummus which I can take to work and eat between main meals. They’re a much better alternative than the snack vending machine when the sugar cravings kick in late afternoon!

In the Cupboard



Some of my most treasured items are a coffee tin which we bought on our honeymoon in Malaysia from Royal Selangor; a pack of culinary lavender from our holiday in Provence; and some mango leaf and cardamom tea from an ayurvedic farm in Goa. Whenever we go on holiday, I ususally return with some edible souvenirs for my kitchen cupboard, so my collection of superfoods is steadily expanding!

I am a huge fan of tea – in the past, I used to drink lots of caffeinated black tea, but now I love experimenting with new flavours of herbal and fruity teas. I am now less dependent on caffeine and I sleep better, too. Sometimes I use these herbal teas as a basis for making my own concoction. For example, I like to soak some strawberries and star anise into hibiscus tea, giving it more of an oriental fruity kick.

My favourite meal of the day is breakfast, which I guess this is quite obvious from the pictures! I could not live without porridge oats. I have it for breakfast almost every day, as it is so filling and so versatile! I even pack some porridge oats in my luggage when I go abroad. I am also a huge fan of smoothies which I ususally consume post-workout as a meal replacement. I have a go-to formula to superchange the nutritional content of my smoothies. I use at least one type of fruit, one type of veg, healthy fats, a splash of plant milk, a protein source, a superfood, some sweetener if needed, and a topper such as cacao nibs or coconut flakes.

Please remember that these posts are designed to entertain and inform, and that you should always speak to a doctor, dietician or certified nutritionalist before trying any new product or diet that you are unsure about.