Things I Loved | November

There’s something quite medititiative about sitting down and listing a set of monthly favourites. It is akin to a monthly gratitude journal, and it forces me to stop and take stock. November has been an exciting month, seeing friends and new cities, and watching the whole country start to become more festive.


Scented Candles

There seems to be a Rituals shop on every high street in North Germany, so I suppose it was inevitable that I ended up wandering in and making a purchase. Rituals use soy for their candles, so I knew that they would be good quality. They have launched a range of candles inspired by lying and yang, which included the beautiful vanilla smoke candle. It isn’t too sweet, and is perfect for this time of year, making my whole room smell gorgeous.



Teeki Leggings

I’ve had my eye on these leggings for a while and ended up purchasing them because the Alo Yoga Moto Leggings were out of stock. They’re even prettier than I thought they’d be -a dark forest green with black streaks instead of the black colour I had thought they were. Like most Teeki leggings, they are thin, so I’ve taken to layering black leggings under them to keep warm when I’m wearing them out and about. It wasn’t until I took the photo for this post that I noticed the tiny design in the centre of skull -totally impressed!


The Daily Dozen App

The Daily Dozen App is a checklist on your phone of the foods you should be eating for a generalised “ideal” plant based day of eating. It has been taken from Dr. Gregor’s book, How Not to Die, and is a very easy way of looking over what you’ve eaten (and drunk, and moved) over the day. I really like how it doesn’t just ask for five fruits and vegetables, but specifically looks at cruciferous veggies, greens, berries as well as just your traditional fruit and veg. Whilst I don’t follow it exactly -I eat 2-3 servings of fruit normally, not 4, and 2 portions of beans is enough for me -I am finding it a helpful guide. As I eat eggs, I don’t perfectly follow this checklist, and I definitely don’t think about it when I’m enjoying a meal out or stuffing my face with Christmassy food at the market, but it really has made me rethink what I’m eating.


Manduka Mat Wash

Alongside my Teeki’s I also bought myself the Palmrosa mat wash for natural rubber yoga mats from Manduka. I can’t really smell it or anything, but it is nice to be able to quickly keep my mat germ and muck-free, especially as my old apartment can be a little dust prone! 


Harvest Moon Green Juice

Sold at my local Bio Markt, Harvest Moon make a selection of healthy juices and drinks. This is the less fruity of their two green juices, and it hits the spot perfectly with kale, cucumber, lemon and ginger. It’s so tasty and just the right balance of sweetness -raw kale can quite often be a bit much for me, but this is perfect. 

Weinnachtsmarkt – German Christmas Markets

In the last week of November, all the Christmas markets began to open! I still need to explore them properly this weekend, but already I am really enjoying the set up -almost every town has a market of some form, with bratwurst, fried mushrooms and sweet almond cakes at every corner, alongside the usual Gluhwein and Feuerzangenbowle. Feuerzangenbowle is hot wine with rum-soaked sugar set alight over it and is a must-buy, if only for the photo opportunities! Most Weinnachtsmarkt will also sell decorated gingerbread biscuits, honey and beeswax products, Christmas decorations as well as speciality stands, so I’m looking forward to the gift buying opportunities. Medieval markets are also common place, with the stall holders getting dressed up and old-age themed stalls popping up.

I also wanted to mention my beautiful rose gold lotus ring from Denmark, but last week I can only assume it fell out of my coat pocket at the gym. I’m gutted and considering contacting the jewellery maker to see if she has something similar in stock that I could purchase. It’s certainly a lesson on being careful!

What inspired you, or made you smile this last month? Let me know in the comments below!