Om Yoga Magazine | Flow in the Dark

Even when it feels like you miss out unless you’re living in London, I love hearing about all the crazy, creative new yoga and fitness classes that come out. Demand drives innovation and growth, and some of the new concepts that have been popping up all over the places just sound amazing. One of the key examples of this to note in the yoga world is non-traditional classes. There are awesome yoga fusion classes that turn the your traditional flow into a mindful workout. If you’re familiar with SUP yoga in the summer, why not try Buti Yoga or boxing yoga? For the outdoorsy yogi’s among you, definitely check out my post interviewing Heather King of Yogging -she’s also about to start training new teachers. For a class that really breaks the mould and introduces some amazing music, head to DJ Jessica Skye’s Fat Buddha Yoga. Fat Buddha classes specialise in pop up classes in unusual locations such as level 42 of the “cheesegrater” Leadenhall Building and former breweries. 


In this month’s issue, Om Yoga Magazine highlighted Flow in the Dark, a monthly pop up run by The Wellscene. The spaces are lit only by blacklight and candles, and participants are encouraged to wear their whitest and brightest activewear and pile on the glowsticks, meaning you’ll literally be glowing from the class. The flow follows the party-like mood of the location and lighting, and The Wellscene promises that you’ll be sweating from their intense and strength-building style, and on an endorphin high thanks to the deep, focused breathing too. Lead by Kelly Brooks, the 60 minute class is designed to make you feel good. And it must be popular, as Wellscene founder Iris Louwerens is hunting for a permanent space to make the classes a daily occurrence. 


Also in the issue is a special on ethical beauty, with lots of brands featured and interviewed. This gives plenty of scope for gift guides, as well as a selection of festive-themed recipes -That Protein’s snackers bars look so tasty! On a more serious note, the role of yoga and spirituality in the many environmental issues we are currently facing is addressed. The December magazine is a really well balanced issue, covering more serious or intellectual topics alongside lighthearted articles and gift guides. It’s one of my favourites yet! 


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