Things I Loved | October

Just how fast has this year gone? This time last year I was sharing my tips to build healthy habits for 2016, tackling some of the top health resolutions that people make in the new year and offering tips to make these changes now. If you’ve got some goals that you’ve put to one side, or maybe tried and failed to achieve, go check out that post for some motivation and get yourself into the right mindset now rather than later. Gratitude is an important part of self love, a key healthy habit to have. It is all to easy to let the little joys that make our day slide past us and be forgotten quickly. So, I challenge you to stop and think about what you are grateful for every now and again. Appreciating what you have in front of you is a great way of adding mindfulness to your day.

For me, October was the month that marked me really getting settled into living abroad, exploring Berlin and getting involved in German life. I feel like I have definitely started to find my feet now, although I do often miss home, and have found ways to combat this! So these are the products that I’ve loved, foods that I’ve eaten and nuggets of wellness that have kept me going.


I have been binge listening to podcasts all month, and am always searching for new channels as I race through feed after feed. I work at a microscope for most of the day, usually on my own, so podcasts keep me entertained and sane. There’s so many great channels out there that I would need a whole post to dedicate to this (message below if you’d like to see this!) but I have a few favourites. From health and wellness advice from Don’t Salt my Game by Laura Thomas Phd, to the comedic brilliance of My Dad Wrote a Porno (yup) and The Guilty Feminist with Sofie Hagen and Deborah Frances-White, there’s a lot to keep me amused.

october-favourites_pbPip & Nut Crunchy Maple Peanut Butter

Ever since the limited edition Pip & Nut peanut butter came out I was desperate to try it, but no where near me in York stocked it. However, my friend Sophie sent me a mini care package from with the crunchy maple peanut butter and my favourite almond and coconut butter from Pip & Nut. Seriously, it was so worth the wait! I’m a nut butter addict as it it, but the maple PB is something else… if there was a 1kg tub, I’d buy it like a shot! It’s perfect with sweet potato porridge, stacked pancakes or my pumpkin pie smoothie, but honestly, I could eat it just as happily with a spoon! I’m not sure how much longer these will be on sale, so stock up now!

Yin Yoga

As part of my bedtime routine, and in an effort to introduce a little extra focused stretching into my day, I have taken to practicing yin yoga. I aim for fifteen minutes to half an hour of yin, followed by five or ten minutes of meditation. Yin yoga really helps you to relax as you hold poses for an extended period of time and really work with your breath -I spoke in more detail about the benefits of restorative yoga here. For me, it is also a way of getting myself off the laptop at 9pm so that I can remove myself from stimulating blue light and introduce a winding down routine. In terms of benefits to my yoga practice, yin yoga activates deep connective tissues that do not respond to higher intensity movements and is a gentle, yet effective way to really improve your flexibility. Lucas Rockwood of Yoga Body Natural refers to this passive form of yoga as “gravity yoga” and frequently recommends it on his podcast and website.


Yogi Teas Choco Tea

My friend Mara has a cupboard full of Yogi Teas, so I figured it was high time I actually tried them. Yogi Teas are inspired by Ayurvedic recipes and seem to be the main herbal tea brand here in Germany. I tried the chocolate tea, made with cacao, cinnamon, sweet liquorice, ginger and cardamon and it *almost* helps to curb the chocolate cravings… almost! It’s a perfect spicy, warming blend for chilly days.

What have you been enjoying over the last month? I strongly suspect that a key feature of the next two months will be hot spiced Gluhwein!