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In this new series, I am giving you a sneak peak into the fridges and cupboards of health bloggers and influencers. If a photo tells a thousand stories, a snapshot of a kitchen tells a thousand recipes and snacks! Follow this series to see what really gets eaten by a health blogger -it’s not all kale salads and green juices! This month, I’m introducing you to Evgenia of Koukla Wellness, a health coach and pilates teacher. She previously taught at Core Pilates NYC and Equinox before swapping New York for Crete, where she now leads retreats.
My journey to a healthy lifestyle was a little bumpy, and full of experiments. A little over a decade ago I started to pay more attention to what I am eating. Except the emphasis came on not gaining weight, instead of staying healthy. My nails were peeling, and blood tests were showing me lacking all sorts of things. Slowly, while living in NYC, I started discover more about eating healthy. Reading blogs, articles, and trying things out on myself. 
Being a dancer, nutrition was actually very important to me, and movement made me happy. Once I realized how happy I am when I am active, I became a certified Pilates teacher. I am about to be a certified yoga teacher as well. Along with this, being very interested in health and wellness, I became a certified holistic health coach. Helping people makes me very happy, and in order to reach more people globally, I have started a health blog and website Koukla Wellness.
Eating makes a huge impact on how I feel. If I eat something crappy, that’s how I will feel too. I’ve also noticed that teaching takes a lot of my energy, and I become hungry very fast. It’s important to stay fueled with healthy fats and proteins. It took me some time to discover what works for me, and what doesn’t. For example, though I am not gluten intolerant, I am sensitive to wheat, and mostly avoid it in my diet. I am a pescatarian, especially more so after moving to Greece, so I have to make sure I get enough protein in my diet.

In the Cupboard

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV): I use it in a glass of water every morning to start my metabolism, and detox my system. I also add it to salads.
Almonds (and other nuts), and tahini: I love nuts and nut butters. In Greece I’ve started using more tahini as well. Give me a jar, a spoon, and I’m happy. I mostly add them to my smoothies now, but do snack on them occasionally.
Rice and buckwheat pasta: Because I avoid wheat, I buy gluten free pasta. My favorite way to eat it is to drizzle olive oil and squeeze some garlic on top.
Quinoa + Brown rice: Easy, healthy, filling. Always have it in my pantry. 
Essential oils: I also have essential oils in my cupboard, and I cook with them. Adding one drop of cumin to a big pot of soup is plenty. Make sure to use food grade essential oils if you are to consume them.
Collagen: I started using it in my smoothies because I don’t eat meat, and as a source of protein. I haven’t started too long ago, so I am not sure yet if it is making any difference in my appearance and wellness.
Superfoods: I’ve come to realize that it’s harder for me in Greece to get in all my greens than it was in NYC, so I buy a green powder superfoods mix from Sunfood Superfoods. I love it, because  it has no sweeteners of any kind, and includes probiotics and enzymes.  I also add raw cacao to my morning smoothies for the cacao benefits, and to steer me off craving chocolate.
Matcha: I’ve started drinking matcha every day, and love it. It naturally made me not want coffee anymore so I ended up quitting that. I love the health benefits, and the taste is nice also. I prefer to mix it with coconut oil. My favorite matcha is from Matchaeologist, and I love how personal they are in their customer service approach.
The newest product: The collagen. I’ve only started using it about a couple of months ago. 
Can’t live-without product: Probably have to say coconut oil. I use it in my matcha/coffee, for oil pulling, for skin and body care, as sunscreen.
Meal prep or cook on the day? Sometimes I cook a bigger portion of something, and have leftover quinoa, or soup, but I don’t generally meal prep much.
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Please remember that these posts are designed to entertain and inform, and that you should always speak to a doctor, dietician or certified nutritionalist before trying any new product or diet that you are unsure about.