What’s in my Yoga Bag

No matter where I am in the world, I always seek out a yoga class as a first priority. As much as I’d like to hop between studios and attend several classes per week, that isn’t really an option for me, so the one or two classes that I can attend really are the highlight of my week. At the moment, I cycle a few km across the city to my class, which I really enjoy (although I have yet to cycle through rain!) and so am out of the house for a good couple of hours. As such, a yoga bag is a must for carrying my bag and other essentials. At home I also have yoga blocks and a strap that would have come with me had the dog not stolen it….



  1. My mat bag is from Alex, a German fitness gear company. It is no frills and wasn’t at all expensive, but it just what I need. It is made of thick, sturdy fabric and has an outer pocket for small essentials.
  2. Yoga mat, Manduka. I featured this mat on my autumn wishlist, and am so glad to have it! The mat is an eKO Lite 4mm mat. It is sturdy enough to support my joints and survive daily practice, but not so thick that it is too heavy to transport to class. The eKO range is made from a durable natural rubber, with the different layers heat sealed rather than by harmful glues. The whole mat is actually biodegradable and toxic free, so won’t leave a lasting imprint on the environment. 
  3. Yoga socks, Sweaty Betty. My last mat was pretty slippery, so I stocked up on grippy pilates socks. Whilst I don’t need them so much now, they come in handy for cooler days when I pop them on to keep my toes warm at the start of my practice.yoga-mat
  4. Beeswax balm, Neal’s Yard. I’m actually surprised that this balm hasn’t featured on my blog before, as I have been using it for a good year or so -I always lose lip balms and hand creams so it has lasted longer than it should have. 99% organic, with profits going towards bee protecting charities, and with an amazing orange and honey scent, this multipurpose balm is a total winner in my books. Great for dry lips and any rough skin that needs a little love.
  5. Snack. Whilst Germany doesn’t have quite the selection of snack bars as your average Holland and Barrett or Wholefoods, theres usually something around to keep me satiated. I leave for my class at 7pm and don’t get back until gone 9pm, which is later than I’d like to eat. If I can’t, or don’t want to eat early, I find it helpful to have a little something in my bag just in case I get an energy slump.yoga-mat2
  6. Hydration. It’s a bit of a squeeze to get my 500ml S’Well bottle in my bag, and I have to confess, I am eyeing up the smaller sizes. I don’t have water during yoga class as a habit, unless I’m in a particularly dynamic or hot class, but being able to hydrate before and after class is important. This week I killed two birds with one stone with this chia juice. Made with mangoes, orange, key lime and chia seeds, it gives a boost of fat, protein and fruit sugars to fuel a class without feeling all full and gross.
  7. Purse. My classes are all paid for, so this isn’t too important unless I get majorly hungry on my way home! Useful for emergencies and pay-as-you-go classes and holding loyalty cards.
  8. Lavender bag. I was pretty sceptical when Yogging’s Heather handed out these bags at my first yoga class -isn’t lavender for grannies? However, they smell so amazingly fresh and completely relax me, so much so that I keep my bag by my bedside for if I’m struggling to sleep and it works a treat.