Om Yoga Magazine | Tea Ceremonies

Each month, Om Yoga Magazine has a special feature, and this issue had a topic that is very close to my heart -tea! Although at least one cup of Yorkshire tea will feature in my day when at my parent’s house, I tend to gravitate towards green teas and herbal teas. Call me obsessed, but tea was one of the first things that I bought in Germany. Luckily for me, my go-to brand Pukka (this isn’t sponsored, I just really love Pukka!) is available in most health food shops and so I have been stocking up. My new favourite is Refresh, made with peppermint, fennel and rose, which tastes so sweet and clean. Alongside this sits the Cleanse and Three Ginger tea, and the amazing Yorkshire Dales loose leaf tea by the Birdhouse Tea Company. The Yorkshire Dales tea blends Yorkshire lavender with sencha green tea to create a tasty, yet subtle drink. The organic supermarket near me also sells a range of matcha, which will no doubt soon make an appearance!


Whilst coffee has overtaken tea in popularity for working Europeans and Americans, tea is still the most widely consumed hot drink globally, and for many it marks a pause in the day. In Asian cultures, whole ceremonies around tea have been built, including those evolved from Zen Buddhist traditions of drinking the matcha tea that we know and love today. There is something inherently sociable about making tea, right down to the way that it is best made brewed in a tea pot, something that almost demands sharing. Personally, I love being able to sit with friends, or take a quiet moment to myself, to really be able to appreciate the tea being drunk -you can be so mindful about the practice of drinking tea and noting all the flavours.

If simply drinking tea isn’t enough, the head to the beauty counters as both Origins have just launched a range of tea-based face masks so that you can get the goodness of matcha, oolong and rose tea from the outside in as well as the inside out.


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