Inspiration | Chloé McKay Yoga and Sports Therapist

In this month’s Inspiration series, I am delighted to introduce Chloé McKay, an experienced yoga teacher and sports therapist. By chance, I met Chloé last year when I headed to Neal’s Yard York for a chat about the brand and it’s ethos. Teaching several styles of yoga, including Ashtanga, Flow and Yin and having trained with world leading teachers, Chloé has some seriously impressive qualifications under her belt. On top of this, she is trained in massage and sports therapy  that sees her sharing her expertise at serval studios and locations across York. Chloé kindly spared me some time to answer my questions to share an insight into her life with you .
You are a Triyoga qualified teacher, and a massage and sports therapist. How do these different backgrounds stem into and influence one another?
I’ve always enjoyed being active and healthy. I come from a sporty family – my mum is a nurse too – so physical health and wellbeing was something I was exposed to and interested in from a young age.
Yoga came first and is my first love but I guess massage and sports therapy have followed in what has been a natural progression – as my interested in physical therapy has deepened. Touch is wonderful and much underestimated healing tool
What first drew you to yoga?
As I mentioned before, having always been an active person (and naturally quite flexible) I first went along with my mum to her local village class. From that first class I was so taken by the effects I felt that I said there and then, at 16, that I wanted to be a teacher. Some things you just know instinctively are right.
Do you have a favourite asana and why?
No one posture jumps out – it depends on what I feel I need on any given day. At the moment I’m very much into my yin practise. I love the feeling of coming out of a long held pose and experiencing that deep release and sense of freedom in my body.
How did working and living in Australia affect your teaching practice and outlook on life?
It was quite transformational in many ways – hard to put into words really. On a practical level, being exposed to so many different teaching experiences was invaluable. I met literally hundreds of wonderful people from all ages, backgrounds and abilities and was really welcomed into their community – it was great. I taught people from 4 years old up to people in their eighties, local footy teams, cultural groups, businesses…..working with so many different people teaches you a lot about human nature. It was so rewarding. I also worked with so many different bodies which was an education in movement, form and function.
Personally, Western Australia will always have a special place in my heart – in parts very wild and remote, it has a strong history of connection to the land and is stunningly beautiful. To me its a very spiritual place and very calming and peaceful – great for yoga. I was lucky enough to live right by the ocean with dolphins on the doorstep. The great weather is a bonus and just means there’s more opportunities for outdoor living.
Wellbeing and diet are considered to be important as a wider practice of yoga. Do you have a favourite healthy meal?
Not one favourite in particular but I try to eat healthily in general. From a yogic perspective it’s about fostering balance by eating a diet that best supports your unique mind and body and as a person sensitive to foods I try to eat as simply, naturally and seasonally as possible.
A lovely recent meal was at Filmore and Union a few weeks back though – it was a summer salad with zucchini noodles, apple, blueberries, cinnamon and butternut squash – tasty!
Where is your must-see travel destination? 
Oooh, that’s a really hard one as I love to travel and the world is a big place. I think my next trip will have to be India though as it’s the birth place of yoga and I’ve yet to visit.
Who, or what inspires you the most?
I’m finding strong business women very inspiring right now – those who have set up their own business and are following their own heart, doing something positive and making change. It’s empowering to read about female leaders and women following their own path without apology, without compromising their morals and without needing to put anyone down along the way – that’s powerful.
Finally, what makes you happiest?
Simple things. There’s not one thing alone but unplugging from technology and being outdoors in the countryside is huge, just to have a feeling of space and freedom and fresh air. I also like to travel and be inspired by new sights. Really letting go and having a dance is another happy pasttime and basically anything that takes you to that place of yoga – quietens and focusses the mind, relaxes the body and opens the heart.
Love is the ultimate.
To find out more about Chloe, and her classes and services, head to her website.