Nutritionalist in Your Pocket: Treat App

Nutrition is a fairly big theme in Green+Aquamarine -it sits alongside movement and wellbeing as one of the three key pillars of keeping healthy in my books. However, working out exactly what you should be eating can be confusing to say the least (although if that’s how you feel, stick around here for lots of fuss-free meals!). I was asked to review Treat App* which aims to give you professional advice by following an eight week program.

Treat APp

So what to expect? Each week (or longer if, like me, you can be a little slow about recording challenges!) a theme is set -such as proteins, fibre and hydration -with a series of challenges that aim to have you incorporating these food groups into your diet in a variety of ways. You’re accompanied by a nutritionalist who will review your meal logs and ask you how you have found the challenges. The program then develops to look at meal planning, eating out and considering trying fermented foods and elimination to test for intolerances.

As someone already interested in healthy eating and being familiar with many of the current food trends, I found the first few challenges to be nothing out of the ordinary to me. If you’re a little newer to healthy eating, or don’t stock products such as coconut oil and chia seeds, you may find these challenges to initially be expensive as you are asked to try new products. If you really don’t want to buy a product or want to skip a challenge for another reasons (for example, as I rarely eat meat, I skipped the oily fish challenge), you can do so.

Although the app is designed to be an eight week programme, it can take a fair bit longer depending on how long it takes you to complete each challenge. As you pay a one-off fee for the app, you don’t find yourself out of pocket or pressured to race through the program in a bid to save money.

So is it worth it? At £29-49 Treat App is more of an investment than your average app, but provides a nutritionalist-led service at a fraction of the cost of what you might otherwise expect to pay. Of course, the program isn’t personalised and may not go into the depth that you may require. However, the challenges do get you to try potentially new ingredients or meals, and having your meal logs critiqued is really useful. If you are starting to get interested in healthy eating or nutrition, but feel as if you need that extra push or guidance, Treat App may well be just what you need.

In future versions of this app, I would love to see a few different versions of the programme offered -either for dietary requirements, such as veganism or food intolerances, or for specific goals such as weight loss or muscle growth. I think this would give Treat App a much more personalised feel without having to really add extra cost or complication.