Inspiration: Xochi Balfour + Giveaway

This week I am speaking to the lovely Xochi Balfour of The Naturalista, who has recently released a book of the same name. Xochi is a wellness guide and trainee nutritional therapist and runs workshops and retreats throughout the year, with an emphasis on meditation and nutrition.
Congratulations on your new book -it is a gorgeous read! For anyone new to your blog and work, could you briefly explain the Naturalista?
Thank you!
My book is an organic and tangible extension of my blog,which is based around my journey from exhaustion running a demanding catering business, back to vitality and wellness. It was a long journey and started with nutrition, from there, I naturally segued into homemade, chemical free beauty recipes and mindful living… for me these have become the three pillars of vitality and i am always exploring new ways to incorporate them into busy everyday life both for myself and with my clients. For me, wellness is a synergistic process and it is not about following a strict diet or regime, but rather working with the individual constitution to establish each person’s toolkit that will keep them balanced and entered on the rocky road of life…
As well as healthy eating and mental wellbeing, you put a great emphasis on natural beauty. What would be your best piece of advice or ingredient to use to someone who hasn’t tried making their own beauty product? 
Coconut oil is a must – it’s so versatile and accessible and really a wonder ingredient. I also love essential oils as these allow us to tailor what we make to our own senses and intuition  – a little lavender for relaxation, a little rose to open the heart – they’re a wonderful tool and allow us to feel empowered naturally.
Do you have a non-negotiable part of your routine to keep you healthy and happy?
Sleep! I am a huge sleeper and cannot deny it. For me, listening to the rhythm of our own bodies is vital if we are to stay truly well and healthy and allowing rest when you need it is vital. I also love baths as a time for relaxation and reflection on my own, again using essential oils is a lovely ritual to centre and reground.
Where is your must-see travel destination?
I have an ongoing love affair with Costa Rica and adore visiting; I also love Mexico, India, and Andalusia in its more rural beauty.
Could you name a favourite healthy meal?
At the moment I can’t stop eating chia with almond milk and a tonne of fresh fruit for breakfast – I love the fibre and omegas it provides and use it as a base for all the superfoods in the cupboard.
Finally, what makes you happiest?
Being in nature, in the peace of the natural songs, present and open; that is really all we need.
Thanks so much for talking to us Xochi! I’m really excited to be able to offer a copy of The Naturalista book away to one reader. Simply fill in your details in the Rafflecopter widget below. The competition runs from midnight on August 20th until midnight on the 27th so keep your eyes peeled and good luck! Please note, due to the size and weight of the prize this giveaway is UK only.
All photos taken from The Naturalista website.

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