Deliciously Ella x Neal’s Yard Launch Event

There are few things that can take me away from my Wednesday night yoga class, but a couple of hours spent learning all about Ella Mills of Deliciously Ella‘s new skincare whilst getting pampered was one of them. Following the official launch of Ella’s two product range at last week’s Wilderness Festival, York Neal’s Yard organised an evening of skincare education to introduce the exclusive cleaner and moisturiser.


Although mum joined me for a bit of a girls’ evening, I also got to meet up with Elise of BARE. blog again, so it was wonderful to have a proper catch up over the evening. We started off the event with lemon verbena tea and an introduction to the ingredients used in the products. The range is not dissimilar to the existing Neal’s Yard rose collection, suitable for all skin types but especially normal. However, it is packed full of extra skin-loving ingredients whilst still costing the same amount as their counterparts. Alongside rose, cucumber and lime form the key ingredients, creating a cooling and calming, yet uplifting cleanser. Other yummy ingredients such as blueberries and avocado were chosen by Ella and the Neal’s Yard team for their fatty acids and antioxidant properties. In keeping with having good fats for our skin, we were given a serving of the Beauty Oil to try, layered over a shot glass measure of apple juice to sweeten and cut through the oil. The Beauty Oil is designed to be full of omega fats (including hemp oil, which contains the optimum omega 3: omega 6 ratio) to promote strong hair and nails alongside glowing, youthful skin. After being served a delicious glass of the event cocktail, we were split into three groups for the workshop section.

First up, we were given a skin consultation, and had products recommended. Although my skin generally suits the Rose and Deliciously Ella ranges, the White Tea toner and face mask were suggested to me for my sensitive skin.


Next we moved on and were shown how to properly use the products, which was almost like giving ourselves a mini facial. In general, the trick is to rub the product into your palms and really massage the product in, in upwards and outwards directions. For using oils, you can really go to town with massaging the product right in. I found out that toners help to close pores and thus reduce the amount of moisturiser used after. As someone with often large pores, this was really interesting to hear. We were also taught that oils and moisturisers do different jobs and so it is useful to use both.

Finally, we were shown how to make masks, using a few key ingredients from Neal’s Yard and plenty of ingredients found in the kitchen. Some looked more straightforward to make than others, but they all looked so fresh and vibrant.

I picked up a bottle of the Deliciously Ella moisturiser and the Beauty Oil, so am really keen to put my new-found knowledge to good use. Whilst I really am trying to keep my skincare routine as simple as I can, learning about the benefit of extra products such as toners really had me thinking about shaking up my routine and giving something new a try. It really was such a lovely evening, made better by great company and team behind it all.

The new range is available to buy at Neal’s Yard stores countrywide and online.