My Natural Beauty favourites

A big part of embracing natural living and wellness for me is cleaning up my bathroom cabinet as much as I can. Whilst I still have a bit of a way to go on make up, my skin, hair and body care isn’t too bad. These brands aren’t perfect of course, and every extra item used means more packaging, but I like to think that I am getting there

2016 favourites

  1. Dr. Organic virgin coconut shampoo and conditioner*. As much as I loved using solid shampoo and conditioner, after a few months of use my hair started to feel unclean, so I switched back to liquid. My hair is fairly normal and straightforward -a little bit oily on top and dry at the ends, and a little bit prone to being flat but nothing too demanding. I love nourishing the ends of my hair with a coconut conditioner (I used Faith in Nature’s coconut conditioner previously, which I also liked) and I really like how the accompanying coconut shampoo is clear rather than very creamy so that the rest of my hair doesn’t feel over moisturised or weighed down.
  2. I’m trying to push back the frequency of washing my hair to every third or fourth day by using Lush’s dry shampoo (not pictured) and plaiting my hair. The powder formula of the dry shampoo does need to be done in the bathroom to avoid mess, but is so much better than using aerosol cans.
  3. Crystal Spring, Salt of the Earth Deodorant. This is actually meant to be a travel sized deodorant, but I haven’t even seemed to mark it yet! This deodorant uses a solid potassium alum (not to be confused with nasty aluminium chlorohydrate) salt to stop oder-causing bacterial growth. It is worth noting that natural deodorants tend not to be strong anti perspirants, but this is better for your pores anyway.
  4. Neal’s Yard Rose Cleanser. Hands down, my favourite thing to wash my face with. This bottle has lasted a full year of daily/twice daily use depending on if I use a scrub during the evening or skip morning cleansing. Alongside a good diet and using coconut oil to remove my make up, this has been the best product for making my skin clearer and healthier. It is gentle and aimed at all skin types, which was a breath of fresh air to my skin after years of using products for oily complexions that stripped my skin of goodness.
  5. Origins Original Skin mask. This mildly exfoliating mask (not pictured) is perfect for my early-twenties skin. It gently cleans and removes any gunk lurking in pores, but isn’t too drying. I tend to use it weekly, preferably in the bath.
  6. Origins GinZing eye cream. Squinting in the sun, late nights and a tendency to sleep with my face shoved into a pillow all take their toll around my eyes. To keep them healthy for years to come, a little brightening moisturiser is my investment to me.
  7. Burts Bees lip balm. This lip balm smells gorgeous! I am forever losing my lip balms so have a small collection hiding in bags, but this is my current go-to. I’m quite happy to use honey and beeswax products (but not venom or royal jelly) as I feel that the benefits of protecting bee colonies and investing in measures to look after bees and other insects outweigh the fact that we are taking a small amount of product from the bees.
  8. Elemis Revitalise Me shower gel. At home, I prefer to use natural, solid soaps with as few ingredients -and packaging -as possible. However, for when I am showering at the gym, I love this. It has a unisex, but sophisticated smell thanks to the thyme, basil, neroli and lime used. I love how Elemis’s motto is “inspired by nature, powered by science”. It definitely sums up my own ethos.
  9. CocoWhite oil pulling sachets*. I mentioned these in my daily routines post last week. Whilst simply taking a teaspoon of coconut or olive oil from your kitchen cupboard would be just as effective and less expensive, these little sachets are really convenient and good for travelling or getting you into the habit of oil pulling. After years of braces and dental work, I am keen to keep my oral health at an optimum, and this first-thing routine feels like a much less harsh way of removing tricky bacteria than strong mouth washes.

2016 favourites3

Also worth a mention is dry body brushing for a really good daily exfoliation and stimulation of the lymphatic system, using coconut oil for everything! Do any of these products feature in your bathroom beauty box?

*Denotes PR sample. Holland and Barret kindly sent me some coconut-themed products. All opinions are my own, and I would never promote a product that I wouldn’t consider buying myself.