New Site + Life Update

So after months of thinking about it and weeks of my computer-illiterate self almostly blindly setting up a site, I am so pleased to finally have Green+Aquamarine as a new-look, self hosted website. It is a big change, but I hope you like the new design and find the whole blog better to navigate and use. The template is by the awesome guys at Pipdig, who designed my last blog layout.


So what’s new? For quick scrolling, posts are now shown with an image excerpt, so that you don’t have to scroll past entire blog posts. There are drop down menus so that you can find the posts that interest you even quicker, or just click at the featured categories near the top of the homepage to see the latest post in each category. Once you click on a link the sidebar pops up to help you find more posts or see what I have been up to on my social media.

In the theme of all things new and exciting, I thought I would let you know of some big changes coming up ahead in the near future. In just over a month’s time, I’ll be leaving the UK to live in Germany for 10 months on a research placement. Because of my increasing interest in health blogging and the wellness industry, I was a little nervous, but the opportunity to live abroad and contribute scientific research to a global database, in an area that I am passionate about was too good to pass up. I’m very excited at the prospect of dipping my toes into the world of work and having my evenings and weekends free to blog, do yoga and travel around Germany and Europe. Hamburg is my nearest major city, so if you have any travel recommendations, please let me know! I’ve got German christmas markets, Berlin, Copenhagen and Amsterdam all on my list so far.

I’ve also got some really exciting plans with yoga to look forward to next summer, which I can’t wait to tell you all about. Returning back to university next autumn (albeit after a field trip in the US hopefully!!) will probably be a shock to the system, but I am so excited to have a year of travel and personal growth ahead of me.