Wellness Routine | Five things I do in a Morning for a Great Day


Being someone without regular job hours -between being a student and holiday work, I never know what to expect -it is pretty important to me to cultivate a sense of routine to my mornings. I try and work in healthy habits that set me up for the day. Having a fairly regular morning really makes a difference to my day and ensures that I don’t spend all day in my pyjamas doing nothing, or rushing to work last minute. If your mornings go by in a mad rush, I’ve broken my AM’s down into five key tips, which you may wish to adopt to help improve the rest of your day.

1. Wake up Early, and Consistently

The earlier I can wake up (comfortably! I need eight hours sleep) the better I feel. It gives me more time in my morning to get all my jobs and such done in a more relaxed fashion. At the moment I aim for around 6:30, but I’d love to be one of those people who could raise with ease before 6. However, as I get to bed for between 10:30 and 11 in the evening, so any sooner than that and I wouldn’t be getting enough sleep.

2. Start Fresh

I know it’s a cliche, but I love to start my day with lemon water. I chop up half a lemon, some ginger and maybe turmeric and pop them in to my teapot for a few refreshing cups to wake me up, caffeine-free. It’s essential for starting the day with plenty of hydration, so that even if I don’t get to drink enough later, I’ve already had some liquid in. I’m trying to get into the habit of oil pulling whilst I’m making my lemon water. I was sent some sachets of Cocowhite* coconut oil formulated for oil pulling to try, which are handily portioned up already. Whilst it is a bit of a luxury item -you can just use a jar of coconut oil or olive oil to the same effect -it does mean that I can pop the sachet of oil at my bedside to remind me to take it, and it is also great for oil pulling whilst travelling.

3. Stretch

Although ideally I would start my day with an hour’s yoga practice before breakfast, in reality this doesn’t often work out. However, I do really try to start with a few Sun Salutations, and I have been quite converted to tapping and shaking (see here). I feel so much better about my day when it starts this way, and is a really good thing to do if you spend your day sitting down. If you start your day with a workout, schedule five or ten minutes to stretch at the end of your sweat session.

4. Have a Balanced Meal

Although there’s nothing wrong with having a delayed breakfast or brunch if you’re not hungry first thing, making sure that I have a balanced breakfast that contains fats, proteins and ideally some veg keeps me going all morning. Smoothies and porridges are my go-to, but I love my avocado on toast or eggs for a savoury start to the day. It’s nice to hang fire on breakfast until after I have done some some yoga or the gym, although in the case of when I go to the gym before work, that doesn’t happen. For super early starts, a green smoothie with added fats and proteins, such as chia seeds, peanut or almond butter and a bit of protein powder or Greek yoghurt are perfect for sticking in my bag to have later.

5. Take a Few Minutes

This is possibly the hardest part of my morning to implement, but having a few minutes away from social media and the internet to enjoy my breakfast mindfully or read makes mornings feel so much calmer and enjoyable. It’s been slightly compromised at the moment by fitting in a few minutes of German practice on my phone, but at least it’s still slightly better than mindless scrolling of Facebook!

*Donotes PR sample. All thoughts and opinions are my own. The Cocowhite tooth whitening oil sachets were kindly sent to me by Holland and Barrett.