Learning to Adjust

Life, and time, is a funny thing. I managed to keep up my usual blog schedule throughout revision and my first two exams, but slowed down a little just as I thought I would have more free time again. At university, I feel as though I should be working constantly, but my time is quite flexible in how I spend it. At home, work has a definite end point, but I am tied to a rota. There are benefits to both methods, but there has certainly been a period adjustment between the two. To quote Heraclitus, the only thing constant in life is change. Because of this, we need to be able to adapt and have a certain amount of leeway and buffering within our lifestyles so that periodic change doesn’t throw us out of whack. When life becomes a little bit unpredictable, if you are staying with friends or family, or perhaps starting a new job, your usual routine can be disrupted. There’s a fair chance that at least one of the topics below will have been adjusted or hindered, so here are some suggestions to help you adjust and get back on track.

Keep your diet consistent
At home, I eat differently to when I only have myself to please. I eat with my parents who only get to have a light lunch at work, so the evening meal definitely is the main meal of the day. I’m aiming to have an extra side of vegetables such as leafy greens or broccoli to keep my vegetable intake high and so I don’t have an extra scoop of rice or pasta needlessly or deprive myself. Before or after work I often pop in to the local greengrocers to pick up a few extras, like blueberries, bananas, spinach and avocado as I get through them so fast! Ensuring that you have your healthy staples to hand really makes a difference, both to keeping your diet on track and sustainable, and in making you feel normalised.
Find your active time
At university, I can go to the gym or roll out my yoga mat pretty much whenever I want. When working, I have to be more proactive in planning my workouts, but it is still doable (especially now I can go to two different yoga classes a week!). If you’re in a new location, see if you can go pay-as-you-go at any of the gyms, or try a body weight-based circuit of HIIT session. I’m enjoying Amanda Bisk’s guides, but for a free workout, look for Laura Jamie’s YouTube videos or get searching on Pinterest. I have recommended a few ideas for online yoga classes, but to recap try The Yoga Collective, Yoogaia or Grokker for a subscription service, and Jayne Becca or Leslie Fightmaster for free YouTube videos.
Cherish your rituals
As often, it is the little things that make a difference. Wake up at a similar time each day and make your glass of hot lemon or whatever gets you moving. Take time to cleanse your face with your favourite products on an evening, and bring your favourite candle to scent your room as you meditate, read or relax in the bath. Whatever small activity is an essential in your day, make sure that it is always there waiting for you.