Yoga Brands that Give Back

Like many of you, I have a constant and ever-growing wishlist of leggings and fitness gear -especially yoga -that I have my eye on. But I always feel concerned, indeed, guilty, over the effect that my legging obsession may be having on the wider world. Can I really justify a purchase if I know that it has likely been made by under paid workers, in factories that churn out harmful dyes and take in large amounts of energy? Since I’m already willing to invest a bit more of my student budget on fitness gear than my peers, it seems like I can hardly use price as an excuse as I sometimes do for other products. Luckily for me, yoga has one of the best choice for eco-friendly and ethical clothing of almost any fitness brand. It suits the compassionate, ahimsa nature of yoga philosophy and me. To help you get started, I’ve shared some of my top picks, with a little background behind each of the brands.

Yoga that Gives Back

1. Bamboo vest top, Braintree, £22. Braintree creates clothing designed to have a minimum ecological footprint, throughout the whole process of designing, making and delivery, with clothes designed to last.
2. Prana bra, Dharma Bums, £34.95. Dharma Bums -a favourite of mine -uses low-impact fabrics and  processes, as well as working with family-based and small-scale suppliers.
3. Hot yoga shorts, Dharma Bums, £29.95
4. Alfredo leggings, Choclo Project, approx. £61.00. The Choclo project directly works with Peruvian orphanages to improve the lives of young children. My favourite touch is that the prints are inspired by drawings from some of the children!
5. Paraqeet leggings, No Balls, £59.00. Bamboo is used almost exclusively in No Balls products, making the products pretty low impact, as well as skin friendly.
6. Tarot Magic leggings, £49.95, Teeki. 25 plastic bottles go into making each pair of leggings by Teeki. Go to Teeki for an array of bold prints made in waste-free dying methods.
7. Moroccan Coral leggings, Inner Fire, £57.00. Like Teeki, Inner Fire use plastic bottles (BPA free) in making their ultra-pretty leggings. 10% of profits go into The School Fund, and Leah, the founder, claims to have coined the phrase “just here for the shavasana”. Sound stuff.