Learn to Fall in Love with Yoga (Again)

Are you the kind of person to fall head-over-heels in love with a new class, hobby or TV series (Netflix bingers, I’m looking at you!) only to quickly get bored? Or maybe you have just simply pushed yourself too hard into something new and have run smack into a mental -or physical – barrier. If this is you and yoga, read on. In this month’s Om Yoga Magazine, Phoenix Fenegan addressed the key issues that many yogi’s come up against, and how to effectively manoeuvre around them to reconnect with your practice again.

Not enjoying yoga anymore? Try these tips to revitalise your practice. Via @eleanormayc

Over-enthusiasm’s consequences
Whilst being passionate is a fantastic thing, it can push you too hard and too fast before you are ready. Overcommitting yourself to several challenging, expensive yoga classes week in, week out is a sure-fire way to create a burnout. On top of this, creating unrealistic expectations for your progress in new asanas, flexibility or weight loss will only frustrate you and disconnect you from the yoga that you love.

Yoga is too difficult
Similar to setting hard goals, expecting yourself to be a master of yoga because you “should” brings you down in just the same way comparison does. Phoenix describes ‘should’ as “a regular mental beating” that builds rock hard barriers that lead to “I’ll never” that can spoil your practice.

Yoga has got in my head!
Few people enter in to yoga with any expectations other than that of another fitness class. So when mental and emotional change occurs as well as physical, it can be a shock. Although usually the greater clarity of thoughts and calmness is a good thing, emotional release can be less expected or wanted. Think of how emotions are thought to be locked up within the hips, or vulnerability in opening the heart. Experiencing these emotional “surges” for the first time can be an unnerving sensation. Speak to your teacher if you have any concerns.

Not enjoying yoga anymore? Try these tips to revitalise your practice. Via @eleanormayc

When the going gets tough, think about why you started! This will help bolster your enthusiasm. However, this time, manage it by not overcommitting yourself, or expecting too much. Look at your yoga practice for enjoyment, nothing more initially. Build in physical goals if you wish, but be flexible and relaxed about these. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings and know that it is okay to suddenly feel sad, or excited for no apparent reason!

Sometimes, to fall back in love with yoga, you simply need to drop demands or expectations, and just lose yourself in the practice.

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