Fitness Playlist: Pump It!


Workout playlist for weights, circuit training and HIIT. Get sweating! Via @eleanormayc

Doing a lot of work at home over the last few weeks has had me listening to Spotify more than usual, and as a result I have been refining my playlists -about time too, as I get bored easily! My workout tunes have moved away from pace-setting pop to slightly heavier stuff… appropriate for when it comes to mastering pull ups, squaring up to the punch bags and smashing out the last few reps in a HIIT session. I totally blame Carly and Fab and their music for this. 😉 I’ve added some songs to help you warm up before you go out guns blazing to get you in the zone. For more insight on how I balance different aspects of fitness and yoga, have a look at my post here. Appropriately, the newest playlist has been named Pump It. I have two days of university left before Easter involving deadlines, society talks and lab sessions, so I feel like this playlist may be featuring more often…

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Photo: I am Vibes