Inspiration: Megan Wyllie

I really love discovering new people, amazing stories and real life inspiration. It’s one of the best things about blogging, especially when you get to connect with some of these people. Today’s inspirational lady is a course fellow of mine, and so in many respects seeing her journey has been even more impressive. I spoke to Megan, who has lost a seriously impressive 45 pounds in a year by cutting out sugar and making healthier lifestyle choices. As well as losing weight, Megan has gained confidence and was positively sparkling when I sat down over tea to have a chat.

Inspiration: how Megan lost weight at university by going sugar free. Via @eleanormayc

For many students, starting university is associated with gaining the “Freshers’ 15”, and for Megan the move was particularly difficult as she caved in to chocolates and cookies that had been previously unavailable in a vegan household. Alcohol too, provided an extra source of calories, both in the drinks themselves, and the food choices the morning after. At her heaviest weight, 218 pounds, Megan was heavier than her dad. Coupled with some unflattering birthday photos, Megan took her life into her own hands and made some serious changes

Going Sugar Free
Rather than following diets or counting calories, Megan made the decision to cut out sugar, admitting that the first month was really difficult. Initially, the food swaps weren’t especially healthy, but they provided Megan with a doable way of weaning herself off sugar. Within a few weeks, results were showing, with Megan’s tastebuds being overwhelmed by the sweetness of a slice of birthday cake. The cake was left unfinished. Over time, ready meals were largely ditched and Megan now ensures that her fridge is always stocked with salad ingredients and fresh soup. Her favourite go-to meal is a salad with halloumi, butternut squash, spinach and tomatoes. Although Megan tends to avoid snacking, she loves sweet potato fries or apple sliced dipped in softened peanut butter, and drinks lots of fruit tea throughout the day to keep her full and hydrated. Breakfast is probably the sweetest meal of the day, but still healthy thanks to homemade smoothies.

Inspiration: how Megan lost weight at university by going sugar free. Via @eleanormayc

Inspiration: how Megan lost weight at university by going sugar free. Via @eleanormayc

Staying on Track
To keep herself inspired, Megan finds YouTube videos of healthy recipes, and relies on the first Deliciously Ella book, and the Body Coach’s Lean in 15 guide for when making meals. She also checks un with vegan YouTuber Kiera Rose who’s video’s promote body positivity and wellbeing. Megan’s boyfriend has also joined her on eating healthily, with cooking together keeping them accountable to (and enjoying!) healthy meals.

Getting Fit
Although Megan’s journey has largely been focused on the kitchen, she has also been getting fit. After experimenting in the weight’s section, Megan took up running to help burn extra calories and will be very shortly participating in the Cardiff half marathon like a total #GirlBoss.

To round it off, Megan has kindly shared her top tips to getting healthy, especially for those at uni:

  1. Look for healthier alternatives to everything -it’s the little switches that count
  2. Keep an eye on alcohol consumption, as the calories add up
  3. Get fit, even if you just start walking. 
  4. Water. Lots of it.
  5. Avoid swapping one unhealthy thing for another (just because cream is sugar free, doesn’t make it healthy!)
Thanks so much for speaking to me Megan. Have you struggled with weight, or found a new lease of fitness at university? Comment below and get the conversation started!