Inspiration: Fab Giovanetti

This month I have the pleasure of talking to the one and only Fab Giovanetti, founder of the Health Blogger’s Community, and therefore has played a huge role in connecting health bloggers with brands, one another and the wider public. So all in all,  there are a lot of us out there who are pretty grateful to Fab! On top of this, Fab is a one-woman machine running several projects and businesses at once. Feeling inspired? Read on:

Between running your own blog and the Health Bloggers’ Community, you must be one busy lady! How do you keep yourself sane and down to earth? 
…and a magazine, and another 2/3 projects still under wraps – AH! Yup, I like to do a lot of different things, and to challenge myself on a daily basis. However, I also value a lot time off and I am not afraid of doing that. I work very flexible hours (I am very productive in the mornings, and I cannot concentrate after the sun goes down) so I make sure that I start pretty early, and I always have a workout to give me a few hours break in the afternoon. I also rediscovered the joys of reading fiction. When I was young and ambitious, I wanted to become a writer (no wonder I am a blogger and I run a magazine!). I lost touch with reading as recreation, and started loading myself with self-help books (AHEM work!). I think it’s a fine balance, but we should always remember that it’s safe for us to be do nothing productive every day. 

What inspired you to go beyond your already successful blog and start the health bloggers community? 
A need that had to be met. Like most successful businesses (the ones that actually go somewhere) I answered a call for a need that was waiting to be met. Health Bloggers were not a thing 2 years ago when I started, now I can safely say they are the next fashion bloggers – health is the 3rd fastest growing industry after all. Plus, I am a mentor and a coach. I am here to support, inspire and guide people. The HBC allows me to do it for 100s, when first I only did it for a few private clients at a time.

Those of us not in the Big City are in awe of all the options that the capital has to offer. What is your favourite thing about London’s healthy living and fitness scene? And do you have a favourite workout?
Variety I guess, and interest in new things. It’s very open minded, and surely a friendly industry, but London is the place daring to try new things. It also caters for everyone: paleo, vegan, raw vegan, yoga lovers and spinning junkies. I love variety (which probably you got, AH!) so I am very grateful for PTs and coaches who provide new routines and challenges. I am currently training for the Toughest in April, so I am enjoying the free weight area much more than what I used to!

You recently qualified as a health coach. How has this affected you personally and professionally? Any pointers for anyone looking at health coaching courses?
Yup, I did indeed! Personally I became much more attuned with my body. I wasn’t doing what I  was supposed to be doing, but what my body asked for. It’s a subtle change, but it makes such a difference. I reintroduced meat after 3 years, and it was such a battle (more psychologically than physically) and accepting it was a big step for me. Professionally it gave me that extra social proof as the founder of a community of bloggers. It makes a point that doing your research, studying and getting to know different theories, stories and opinions make you a better health blogger, and teaches you the value of bio-individuality as well as more respect for yourself and others. 

What would you say to someone wanting to someone wishing to turn their hobby or passion into a career?
I could tell you ‘just start” or “take the leap and the net will appear”. Instead I want to ask you a question: are you sure you want to spend your life looking forward to 48h of freedom every week? Or even worse, 24 days of holiday out of 365? Time is the most important currency, you want to make sure you make the most of it.

Have you always been interested in healthy living?
It’s always been part of me, in one way or another I have been having my highs and lows, but I have been brought up following Macrobiotics and Ayurvedic medicine: a lot of what you’d consider healthy to me it’s general common sense.

Where is your must-see travel destination?
I have been recently travelling to Dublin a few times, and some of the beaches in the little villages are just breath-taking. I am a very simple lady (despite the looks and the hyperactive tendencies), but I am a big fan of the cosy, quiet and still pretty local atmosphere in the suburbs – Ireland is a beautiful place, and it’s mostly overlooked when people come to Europe. 

Who, or what, inspires you the most?
My friends – a lot of us are in the entrepreneurial world, and a lot of us have our own projects, businesses or little empires (it depends on how you look at it I suppose). Having a tribe of people who grows with you is such an important aspect of life (both personal and professional). I’d also like to add I have 800+ bloggers who share with us every day their wins, concerns and achievements, and this could not make me more proud, inspired or accomplished!

Name a favourite healthy meal.
Poached eggs, avocado, rye bread and smoked salmon. A shame that peanut butter would not go in there – even if, knowing me, I could work around it.

Finally, what makes you happiest?
Being in the moment. It helps me realising how lucky I am to be here, and make a difference with my message every day. How my body is strong, fast, and beautiful. How I am fully supported and guided every day. To be surrounded by amazing friends, and a very supportive family. Happiness is in the now: to quote Jim Elliot “wherever you are, be all there”

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