Predicted Fitness Trends for 2016

2015 was really a year for the rise in the popularity of the health and fitness lifestyle. Alongside this, it has been great to see more alternative forms of fitness becoming more commonplace, such as women taking up strength training and HIIT.

1. Climbing
Looking for a new sport that challenges you mentally as well as physically? Look no further the climbing and bouldering. It is a brilliant workout for your arms and back, as well as requiring fitness, problem-solving skills and a certain amount of bravery as you swing for the next grip! Although bouldering and climbing can be done alone, they are much more enjoyable when done in a group setting. Challenge yourself with a few friends to an hour or two on the wall.

2. Pilates
Pilates has waxed and waned in popularity over the years, but stemming from the popularity of yoga and the introduction of reformer-based classes, I think 2016 will be another year for the exercise. Pioneered by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900’s and first made popular in 1960’s when the method was brought to the New York dance scene. Focusing on the core and sculpting of muscles, pilates is fantastic addition to your fitness routine. Check out Lottie Murphy for home-workout videos, or for information on her classes.

3. Boxing
With boxing rings being replaced by boutique classes and Victoria’s Secret models picking up their gloves, boxing is becoming much more accessible. It is easy to why; this intense workout is a killer for working your core and builds arm strength. Classes are usually accompanied alongside drills or circuit training, with kickboxing sometimes being incorporated as well.

4. Fusion fitness
Yoga crossed with tribal dance, “piloxing” (pilates and boxing), running and strength training are all classes that blend two or more different exercises to maximise benefits and calories burn/muscle growth.  Keep your eyes peeled as I think similar classes will start popping up. For now, look at Sweaty Betty’s online classes from last year. BarreASANA and Body by Simone’s Dance Cardio are both great examples that you can do at home.

5. Smart tech
Since the Apple watch, wearable technology has seriously stepped up it’s game. Fitness trackers are all the range now -see Argos for my and three other blogger’s opinion on a selection of trackers, and keep an eye out here for a more detailed look at the Fitbit Charge HR. Fitness trackers are now seamlessly recording all our day-to-day activities and working alongside other apps to give really detailed data on your day.

6. Fitness fashion: mesh detailing
Moving away from the activities themselves, when it comes to what we wear at the gym or yoga studio is getting seriously beautiful. I have noticed clever cut outs and mesh panels being featured in leggings, tops and bars more and more often. Varley do some of the most beautifully cut pieces, and Sweaty Betty have really outdone themselves with asymmetric mesh details.

What are your predictions for fitness trends this coming year? Let me know about any classes or exercises that you plan to take up.

Images from Hip and Healthy and Zoe Bingley-Pullin.