Setting Intentions for 2016

Whilst I have never really been one for New Year’s resolutions, I do like setting plans and goals, and it seems sensible to get them all written down so that I can look over them and hold myself accountable. 2015 has been an undeniably busy year for me, and I can only really expect to get busier as I progress with my personal and online development and push myself more. I have included some of the personal aspects to my list that I have written down here today, which I hope you will appreciate. I would also love to hear what your goals are, so please do share them with me in the comment box below!

1. Build up a targeted, effective fitness plan
I am so proud of how far I have come in my fitness journey over the last few months. I have tried new things, such as spinning, boxing and revisited climbing, and committed myself more than ever. Now, I want to properly plan my gym time to really push myself whilst making sure than all aspects of my fitness -flexibility, cardio and resistance training -get addressed.

2. Commit to yoga practice
I am still making my way through my #100DaysofYoga challenge and am loving having a daily practice. However, as life gets in the way, often my practice isn’t nearly as long as I would like. Whilst daily 90 minute sessions on the mat aren’t realistic for me on top of all the other activities I like to do, I would like to have an extra day or two that I spend that extra bit of time practicing properly. I have surprised myself by being able to hold new asanas, so am looking forward to developing further!

3. Flexibility
Linked to yoga, but I would really like to focus on improving my flexibility significantly. Top of my list are wide-legged splits and being able to do front splits without the floor (so: standing split, three-legged down dog, air splits). I may have to hold off on this one for a couple of weeks as I have overstretched my left hip and it is feeling a little sore!

4. Nutrition: keeping clean and eating more plant-based
One of my favourite things about living by myself is that I have complete control over my meals. I have really been enjoying eating more and more plant based foods and so want to challenge myself more in my cooking. Whilst I won’t be counting calories or macros, I will be playing closer attention to what (and how much!) is going on my plate to really optimise m nutritional intake.

5. Blogging: work with more brands, expand Bloglovin’ and Instagram following and connect more!
It has been such a pleasure blogging this last year. Although London is tricky to get to, I will be keeping my eyes peeled for events that I can attend. I am really aiming to utilise Instagram more, and open to seeing how my YouTube channel develops.

6. University: Achieve a first for my second year and sort out my research placement.
Although I finished my first year with a first, those grades don’t count towards my overall degree. I’m keeping my nose to the grindstone and working as hard as I can towards this goal. Rather than going straight on to my third year after summer, I am taking a few months out to do some real, scientific research work. I hopefully have something lined up, so will be going out guns blazing to get it all confirmed!

Happy New Year to you all!