Calming Yoga Playlist

When I first started attending yoga classes, I joined one that has music played throughout and really connected with it. Now with my practice at university and online yoga classes being largely music free, it is a pleasure to turn the tunes on when engaging in self practice. I have a running playlist that I am always adding to and pruning away. It is largely instrumental music aimed at yoga and meditation, so if you would like to hear a more pop-based playlist, let me know! I started off with a small selection of music and developed it from there using recommended channels on Spotify.

Let me tell you about Gortoz A Ran. It isn’t you average choice for a yoga playlist, coming from a war song. But it is a truly beautiful song, one that can calm me right down and even send me to sleep. I was introduced to the song in a talk by Monty Halls, marine biologist, TV presenter and all-round hero of mine. He played the song over footage of manta rays in the Red Sea (if memory serves) and it was one of the most moving experiences I have ever sat through and was one of the things that cemented my desires to become a marine biologist myself. Roll out your mat, give it a listen and see what you think.